Summer Reading 2014 !

KIDS - Read & Win Free Books !
How ? Its fun and easy.....

- Sign-up below & mail Consent Form
- Select books from Reading List 
- Read & Review 3 books on DOGObooks 
- Pick a FREE book from Prizes*
- Do it again (till Prizes last)

* max of 20 books per entry

TEACHERS - Win Books for Schools
How ? Its easy and fun ....

- Sign-up your Class & School 
- 10 schools with most reviews win 100 books
- Download details


Encourage young patrons to read

- Download handout flyer

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  • tim0706
    tim0706over 8 years
    Like this comment if this is the best reading program!!!
  • zoec
    zoecover 8 years
    hello awesome club
    • coolguy8822
      coolguy8822over 8 years
      Reading is AWSOME AND COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • asma234
      asma234over 8 years
      I've done about 13 reviews so far...
      • tim0706
        tim0706over 8 years
        Like this comment if you like reading!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • cocobunnys
        cocobunnysover 8 years
        I love reading any time and you should love reading all the time too!
        • tim0706
          tim0706over 8 years
          Like the comment if they should have a Divergent or Hunger Games club, freebie, or contests
          • annabeth123
            annabeth123over 8 years
            I totally loved the Hunger Games!!! (Mocking jay could've been better, though.) I really want to read Divergent, too.
            • asma234
              asma234over 8 years
              I'm still going crazy over the Mocking jay Part 1 trailer.I want more though,and I love divergent.
              • bibliophile
                bibliophileover 8 years
                Or how about a utopian/dystopian...
              • ian21tang
                ian21tangover 8 years
                Like if they should add a PJO club and make more PJO freebies or contests!!!!!
                • kimsam123
                  kimsam123over 8 years
                  Editor, I won a copy of the National Geographic Greek mythology from the freebies but I did not receive it yet. Will it ever come because it has been half a year already
                  • editor
                    editorover 8 years
                    hi - according to our records it was mailed to you in April - so sorry u didn't receive it. Not sure what we can do after all this time. Next time please let us know sooner
                    • asma234
                      asma234over 8 years
                      Wait.You can ask an Editor questions on here.Your a real editor O.O?If so that's awesome.
                  • laurajane
                    laurajaneover 8 years
                    editor? what happens when the summer reading is over? can I still use my account?
                    • sweetpicks
                      sweetpicksover 8 years
                      yes you can use it to comment on other stuff, summarize books/ movies what ever you want on dogo really

                    Summer Reading 2014 has ended!

                    May 8 - September 30, 2014
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