Picard & Bacot Sketchbooks and Notebooks:

The various Picard & Bacot series of sketch books share common themes. Please find them bullet pointed below:

- sturdy, flip-over hardcover case

- medium textured paper perfect for any dry media (and some wet media)

- 124 blank pages

- paper thickness 90lb (133 gsm)

- measurements: 8” x 8”in (203 x 203”mm)

- white paper stock

- microthin perforations

- matte cover

It was our intention to bring a general purpose, high quality, textured sketch book, that was well mated to a wide variety of dry media, including:

- graphite

- chalk

- colored pencils

- charcoal

- pastels

- soft pastel

- oil pastel

Further, the paper used within our sketchbooks is acid free and 100% recycled. Our daughter Amelie saw to that!

We do hope that you enjoy the Picard & Bacot series of sketchbooks and that they inspire you to find or express your soul creatively, throughout it pages.

Thank you, Merci

Francois Picard and Geneva Bacot are Graphic Designers, who have created the Picard & Bacot line of coffee table books, Notebooks, and Calendars. (Francois Picard & Geneva Bacot Picard & Bacot - Old Schoo Selfie)
Hardcover, 150 pages
Published on July 15, 2017 by Tayen Lane Publishing
ISBN-10: 1944505032
ISBN-13: 9781944505035
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