Palace of Mirrors (The Palace Chronicles)

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.465010
A princess-in-hiding and a pretender to the throne discover that nothing is as it appears in this exciting tale of mystery and deception set in the same world as Just Ella, from New York Times bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Cecilia knows that she is not just another peasant girl; she is actually the true princess of Suala, in hiding until the evil forces that killed her parents are vanquished. A commoner named Desmia is on the throne as a decoy.

As she gets older, Cecilia finds it harder to study statesmanship and palace protocol secretly at night and then pretend that she has nothing on her mind other than scrubbing the gruel stains out of her best apron by day. Cecilia knows that it is time to take charge. Along with her best friend, Harper, she flees to the capital city of Suala, determined to reclaim her throne. But when Harper and Cecilia reach the famed Palace of Mirrors, they discover they are in more danger than they could have ever imagined.
Hardcover, 297 pages
ISBN-10: 0545142342
ISBN-13: 9780545142342
8 Book Reviews
  • nioceover 4 years
    it was amazin basin
    • Isabelleover 4 years
      I liked it but I wish that Cecilia would've had more adventure and there be a plot twist that desmia was the true princess
      • wiccanbat666
        wiccanbat666over 4 years55 starsFeatured
        Writing style--4/5. Really good. Every now and then I got a little distracted because Cecilia would discuss something to the reader for a couple pages and I would get bored. But I was still very impressed. Age choice--2/5. Cecilia was fourteen. Fourteen! Seriously! Just the way she acted and thought, the stuff that happened to her, it all spoke sixteen to me. She was one of the most ME characters I've ever read, not sure what that says about me, and I guess I'm only fourteen too. So hmmmm... Ending--2/5 While I hadn't contrived the exact ending, I knew it would be something a little too easy. And it was. I had at least a dozen reasons of why the solution wouldn't work. Couldn't come up with a better alternative, however. Cecilia and Harper's ending was great though... :) Dialogue--5/5 No complaints whatsoever, which was great, actually kind of impressed. Conversations felt normal and non-contrived, with the ease of real life friends. I am jealous. :) Character development--3/5 Conflicted here. I didn't really feel like I knew the characters well enough to predict actions for anyone except Harper and Cecilia, but for an MC she was pretty average, with the exception of her high values. Relatable, but not exactly remarkable. My type of person in real life, not so much in a book. But then, personality was not relevant to the plot, and it was made up for in story. Not sure where to go with this.
        • Helloover 4 years
          This book is a really good book. You should read it sometime.
          • kakey98
            kakey98about 8 years
            This is a really great book, it keeps you guessing about who the real princess is, and goes out with a bang, and a shock that you can kind of see coming if you are good at looking for all the foreshadowing clues.
            • waterfalls
              waterfallsabout 8 years55 stars
              So AWESOME!!!!
              • sweettart23
                sweettart23about 10 years55 stars
                This book would be great for girls. It is really exciting and interesting. Haddix is a really great author, and you should read all of her books.
                • lillianna765
                  lillianna765about 10 years55 stars