Ninja: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming

From one of the leading Fortnite gamers in the world comes your game plan for outclassing the rest at playing video games. Packed with illustrations, photographs, anecdotes, and insider tips, this complete compedium includes everything Tyler "Ninja" Blevins wishes he knew before he got serious about gaming.

Here's how to:
-Build a gaming PC
-Practice with purpose
-Develop strategy
-Improve your game sense
-Pull together the right team
-Stream with skill
-Form a community on Twitch
-And much more

Video games come and go, but Ninja's lessons are timeless. Pay attention to them and you'll find that you're never really starting over when the next big game launches. Who knows--you may even beat him one day. As he says, that's up to you.
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on August 20, 2019 by Clarkson Potter
ISBN-10: 1984826751
ISBN-13: 9781984826756
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