Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Bounty Hunter Mission 1 ? Dr. Boom (Minrcraft Bounty Hunter 1)

Admins of course, have access to all sorts of powers. They can fly, make themselves invincible and even create objects out of nothing. Think Superman, with no weakness to kryptonite. And everyone thinks they’re amazing. Bounty hunters, on the other hand, use whatever they have on hand. Be it swords, bows or even pieces of string. We don’t receive any special funding and we certainly can’t make items from nothing. Nope, we have to earn our keep. Dan Danger. Bounty hunter and master swordsman. He’s not the most famous Minecraft player, but he certainly gets the job done when it comes to dealing with rulebreakers. Teaming up with his partner, Charles Brilliant, Dan faces off against the destructive Dr. Boom, a team of airheaded Admins and even a traitor within their team. Just another day in the life of a bounty hunter… Diary of a Minecraft Bounty Hunter introduces us to a new line-up of hilarious and cool characters. Join Dan and Charles in an all-new trilogy, as they take on good guys and bad guys alike, in an effort to save Minecraft and get some respect and fans. The perfect gift for any Minecraft lover.
Paperback, 50 pages
Published on October 12, 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 151778607X
ISBN-13: 9781517786076
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    eportesFriday, March 4, 2016 at 7:43 am55 stars
    I like this book