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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.937776
A heart-warming story about the World's Worst Dog, adapted from John Grogan's phenomenally bestselling memoir, Marley and Me. Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. Marley is always getting into trouble, whether he is stealing underwear, crashing through doors, or drooling on guests, some may say he's the World's Worst Dog! But those who know and love Marley accept him as a dog like no other. His heart is pure and his larger-than-life personality irresistible. He brings joy to his family, the Grogans, and teaches them what really matters in life.
Hardcover, 208 pages
ISBN-10: 0007258003
ISBN-13: 9780007258000
19 Book Reviews
  • weirdisgood2023
    weirdisgood2023over 2 years44 stars
    This is one of the most heartwarming and beautiful books I’ve ever read. It is expressive, full of love and compassion—you will definitely enjoy it. Marley: A Dog Like No Other is a book I can only describe with one word; amazing. Marley is a great character...he’s loyal, happy, and heart-touching, the perfect dog for John Grogan and his family. Even though he is always up to something, and often gets in trouble, Marley still manages to be lovable and joyful. He never lost his enthusiasm, even when he started to get older, and I think the title is true, that he is a dog like no other. Whenever I am upset, I always think of Marley and how he stayed happy until the end of his life. Overall, this sensational memoir is a book I would definitely recommend, and I rate it 4/5 stars. I can guarantee that you will also love this!
    • MYOBabout 3 years
      Well, it's very interesting. Giving an exciting feel to the reader. So, if u see this read it!
      • skysushi
        skysushiabout 4 years
        Hi world. My name is Lainey Cassels! So what you don't know, I am going to be reading Marley a dog like no other. 😎 😛 😋 😍 😚 😌 🙌🙏. I think it's going to be very exciting! But I haven't read the Marley series before, so this will be my first Marley series book read.
        • carswellleigh
          carswellleighabout 5 years
          Because it sounds like a really amazing stellar BOOK
          • cooper149
            cooper149almost 7 years
            I love this book, it really is touching. I love that the author, John Grogan, writes about himself instead of a fictional story. It truly make the story more exciting.
            • jessicat
              jessicatalmost 7 years55 stars
              This book is an interesting book, about a naughty dog with his new family, which is the family of the author, John and Jenny. The dog, Marley is a cute creature that enriches the family's life. The dog teaches them how to live and how to love. I wish to have some dogs that were just like Marley, loyal and cute. Even he causes many tricky problems, he is still funny and heart warming.
              • pandy123
                pandy123about 7 years44 stars
                This book touched my heart. It is true. Marley is a dog like no other. Telling from the book and the fact that John Grogan wrote so many books about him, it seems that Marley was such a special dog. I wish I could have met him, if he was still alive.
                • ccuteglrlover 7 years
                  I did not get to read this book but I hope its neat
                  • morena
                    morenaover 7 years
                    I like the book because, it is about a dog named Marley and he get's himself into trouble.
                    • morena
                      morenaover 7 years
                      I like the book because, it is about a dog named Marley and he get's himself into trouble.