Five best friends go coastal in this fabulously
fun surfing series from Roxy Girl!

Isobel can't believe her good luck. First, she meets the boy of her dreams. Roger is smart, charming, and drop-dead gorgeous, plus he's fluent in Spanish and a surf fanatic just like she is. Then Isobel catches the attention of a major surf company in the process -- enough to make it want to sponsor her!

But Isobel's wave of excitement quickly turns to mush when she learns that Roger works for the same company. She questions whether she got the sponsorship based on her own merit or if her new boyfriend pulled some strings without telling her. Soon her beach companions are wondering the same thing. Can Isobel find a way to prove her stuff in the big surf? Or will her tide of fortune turn against her?

It's all about a passion for the sport . . . and life.

Paperback, 165 pages
Published on September 30, 2003 by HarperEntertainment
ISBN-10: 0060573732
ISBN-13: 9780060573737
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