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Paperback, 24 pages
Published on January 1, 2002 by Learning Links
ISBN-10: 076751162X
ISBN-13: 9780767511629
25 Book Reviews
  • ace2007
    ace2007over 1 year55 starsFeatured
    Joey and Mary Alice live in Chicago with their parents and go and visit their Grandma for a week each summer. However, their Grandma isn’t like any other Grandma. She is a little crazy and takes them on wild adventures, like stealing the sheriff’s boat or going trap fishing which is illegal in this time period. The first summer Grandma held a wake for Shotgun. The second summer she catches a bunch of boys playing pranks and blowing up outhouses. The third summer Grandma steals the sheriff's boat and goes trap fishing. The fourth summer she cheats on the pie baking contest and gets Joey a free airplane ride. The fifth summer Mary Alice helps Vandalia Eubanks escape from her abusive mother and run away with her boyfriend and Grandma and Joey help out. The sixth summer Grandma tricks the bank into giving Mrs. Wilcox back her house. Last summer they were there and they went to the Centennial Celebration. Even though the kids always worry about getting in trouble with Grandma, it seems like they always have fun. Every year they still choose to keep coming back.This is my opinion over the novel A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion on this novel is very good. The reason why I like this novel is because there are many funny parts like when Grandma stole the sheriff’s boat. When we were done with the novel I already picked how many stars out of five. I would pick five stars because I loved the novel. The novel was also super interesting. Especially when Grandma disguised as the phantom brakeman. The reason why I thought that was interesting is because at first I thought it was Mary Alice but then I found out it was Grandma. If I would recommend this novel to someone else I would say I like the novel a ton and there are a lot of good cliffhangers. I would also say the novel has a lot of funny adventures that Grandma takes Joey and Mary Alice on. That is how I would recommend the novel to someone else.
    • loopeygamez
      loopeygamezover 1 year44 stars
      We read the book “A Long Way From Chicago”. This story was based on true events. The setting of the story was over 7 summers with Joey and Mary Alice at their grandma’s house. This book was one of my favorite novels we have ever read in class. I think this because there were a lot of things going on in the story and it never got boring. My favorite part of the story was when grandma acted like the phantom brakeman to stop the train so Vandalia Eubanks and her boyfriend could get on it. This was my favorite part because it let Vandalia Eubanks free of her mother that was taking over her life. There are a lot of different exciting moments in the story just like this. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I think that everyone that likes action packed and funny stories should read this novel. I think that this book was one of the best books we have read in class so far. I think this because it was very fun and always had something happening. Other authors rated the book the same as me, a five out of five. One big quote from the book is “Nobody but a reader becomes a writer.” I think more people should start reading this book.
      • jjbragg12
        jjbragg12over 1 year44 stars
        “The years went by, and Mary Alice and I grew up, slower than we wanted to, faster than we realized.” A long way from Chicago All Joe and Mary Alice wanted was a decent summer trip to Grandmas every summer. But they got a little more than expected! With Grandma, anything can happen! So they ride along on Grandma’s crazy and wild adventures! With Grandma's humor, Mary Alice's talents, and Joe well, writing it all down, they go on hilarious little field trips! Either their stealing boats or making soap, the fun never ends! Have a blast with all these characters in A Long Way From Chicago! My Opinion In my opinion, A Long Way From Chicgo is a great book! It was very interesting and hilarious! But, some of the chapters went on forever and it got a little boring! In all I’d recommend this book! Just make sure you have time! Read A Long Way From Chicago!
        • buckeyes07114
          buckeyes07114over 1 year33 stars
          Book Review Joey and Mary Alice are two kids that live in Chicago. During the summer, they go visit their grandma. Grandma gets them into some pretty big situations but she always gets them out of them. Grandma likes to lie about a lot of things and a few times it actually benefits her and the kids. The kids meet a lot of different people, good and not so good. Like Effie Wilcox, she is grandma’s “enemy” but actually she helps them. Some of the people they meet help them with their problems and some help make them. Sometimes even grandma and the kids get in the middle of those problems like between Miz Eubanks and the Stubbs’ Especially during the kids last visit. There gets to be some trouble between two people that probably shouldn’t be fighting. A famous quote from this book is “ Never trust an ugly woman. She’s got a grudge against the world. - Grandma”. I read the novel A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion on the novel is that the story was ok. I didn’t really enjoy it as much as some books, but it was still good. Sometimes it was hard to follow what was happening. My least favorite part was in the chapter when they went fishing. It got a little hard to follow. But my favorite chapter was one woman crime wave. That one was good. Out of five stars, I give this novel three. For some people I would recommend this book to them just because I feel like they would like it. I would not to some people just because of my opinion on it. Jayden Bragg said that she didn’t like how long the chapters were. Delana Rank said that it was fun and exiting
          • pokeman69
            pokeman69over 1 year22 stars
            I really didn't like a long way from chicago it was okay i didn't like it because it went from one year to a different year and it was hard to find the chapters my favorite part was when they rode in the plane my least favorite was when they put the mouse in the milk if i rated this out of five stars i would give it a 2.5 star rating i would not recommend.
            • lancers
              lancersover 1 year
              Joey (who would later become Joe) and his younger sister, Mary Alice, go to their Grandma Dowdel’s House every summer. They are city folk, so they go into the country every summer. Grandma Dowdel is not your normal grandma. She gets in so much mischief, you would think she is a kid! All that they want is for their grandma to at least take her crazies down a notch! As they grow up, their summers get even crazier! Grandma is always getting into trouble, on land or in water. Win or lose, Grandma will find a way to make her grandchildren happy. They try to go along with her tricks, but something always doesn't go according to plan. They are there for seven summers, but the last one might be the very best. The novel I read was A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck. I personally think that this book was amazing. It has cliff hangers, which I really like. I was always wanting to read it because it is just such a good book. My favorite part of the book was the end when Joey passed by Grandma’s house in the troop train and Grandma had lit up the whole house and waved goodbye to Joey. It was awesome that Grandma and Joey got to wave goodbye before he went into war. You would think that Grandma would throw a party at three in the morning to say goodbye, but she was simple and just waved goodbye to her grandson. She was probably thinking of him every single day. My rating out of five stars is a five-star rating. It was a really good book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a funny, energetic, and just wonderful book.
              • garreberry
                garreberryover 1 year55 starsFeatured
                Summary of A Long Way From Chicago Joey and Mary Alice aren’t your average kids. They spend a week at their Grandma’s every year, and year after year they pick up more and more characteristics of their Grandma. They didn’t like going to their Grandma’s every year because she frightened them too much. For instance, their first summer with her she blew the top off a dead guy's coffin and acted like he had come alive just to scare away the visitors. Another time was when she took them fish trapping, but that was illegal and it wasn’t even her boat.But their Dad sent them down to their Grandma’s house every year for seven years. So they had no choice but to spend a week with their Grandma and hope not to pick up too many characteristics from her. Then they started to get used to it. They would go down to her house and get ready for the week's events and hope to make something out of nothing. Will they be able to stay in one piece and manage to keep from going crazy after going to their Grandma’s and being terribly influenced so much? Opinion of the novel This year I read a book in class called A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion of the novel is everyone should read it. I think they should read it because there are many different things that happen. Especially humor, everybody loves a good book with lots of humor. It is always good when the Grandma is crazy as can be, she breaks the law and brings her grandchildren with her! She does all kinds of funny interesting things and is hallarious. My favorite part of the book was chapter 3 One Woman Crime Wave. In that chapter Grandma takes ner grandchildren with her to a lake and takes someone else’s boat. Also she uses a fish trap but the thing in fish trapping is illegal. But what she does with the fish is cool, she uses it to feed the homeless. Which is very big because this book happenes during the Great Depression. I would definitely rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, It was awesome. I would definitely recomend reading this book, It is very good. In conclusion I think it is my favorite book of all time. A big quote from the book is: “You’ve had your time boy, you don’t get no more.” Grandma said that just before she shot two rounds at Shotgun Cheatham’s coffin.
                • zupria
                  zupriaover 1 year55 stars
                  Joey is a boy that went to stay at his Grandma Dowdel's house every summer with his little sister Mary Alice. They did not want to go to their grandma’s house and wanted to stay home in Chicago. They thought it would be boring and no fun. But that quickly changed after a couple of visits with her and soon they were looking forward to the visits. The visits were fun and like no other! Grandma is not the kind of grandma you think. Right here mention some crazy things that happen during the summer Then after many years of going to grandma’s the kids were getting old and turning to young adults but they will never forget the time when they broke the law with grandma and the time when Joey got to fly. They won't forget these times because it was these times that made their childhood and made them who they are. My Opinion The book that I will be writing my opinion on is A Long Way From Chicago written by Richard Peck. I loved this book, It is an awesome book. I loved everything about this book the way it was written and the characters were both perfect. I loved the whole book but one of my favorite parts was when grandma cried a little when she looked at her grandkids in the clothes from her wedding. This part was special because you start to think that even though grandma can break the law and blackmail people she still has a soft and loving side. The funniest part in the book to me was when Grandma put the dead mouse in the milk. This was funny because you know that Grandma is the only person in the book that would do anything like that. When you read this book you always think about what grandma is going to do next. Out of 5 stars I would give this book 5 out of 5. I would recommend this book to anyone, a child or an adult because this book is a one of a kind.
                  • theman_556
                    theman_556over 1 year55 stars
                    Summary Joey’s parents wanted Joey and Mary Alice to see grandma because she was getting on in her years. Now Joey and Mary Alice now go to grandma’s house every year. But every year, grandma tells lies. She even goes on other people’s property. Somehow she never gets in trouble. So grandma keeps on going. Towards the end of the book, grandma had a relative that is 103 years old. Then a few years after they quit going to grandma’s Joey, joined the navy. But what about Marry Alice? Did she stay in chicago? Maybe she went to war. If you want to know the ending, read the book. My Opinion The past few weeks our class has been reading the novel Long Way From Chicago. My opinion of the novel is that it is funny and at the end a little emotional. I think that because, grandma is funny but at the end Joey goes to the army. My favorite part of the book is when grandma, Joey and Marry Alice went fishing on private property. I think that because, grandma found the sheriff drinking. My least favorite part is when grandma put the mouse in the milk. I think that because, it was a short and boring part of the book. I would rate the book five stars. I would rate the novel five stars because, it was hilarious and in some part like real life. In my opinion you should read this book, but it is up to you.
                    • lancers19
                      lancers19over 1 year33 stars
                      Every summer Joe and his younger sister were sent to visit their grandma for a week. The thing is, grandma is different from other grandmas. Mary Alice and Joe never wanted to go to Grandmas’ but they had to. So the kids did more things with grandma, some law breaking and some enjoyable. Some of the enjoyable things were joining a pie contest, flying an airplane, and the town's Centennial Celebration. In chapter 5 grandma shows lots of criminal activity. One law grandma broke was she took Joe and Mary Alice... Another thing Grandma did was she took them onto .... Each year,the kids made connections and got closer to grandma. They had more fun even up to the last chapter where the crazy and unbelievable happened. In class we read the novel A Long Way From Chicago. I'm going to be explaining my opinion over the novel. I enjoyed the novel but I also got confused on some parts. I enjoyed the novel because I liked how it brought the history from the Great Depression into the novel. I thought it was confusing because there were so many characters and it was hard to keep track of who is who. My favorite part of the novel was the second to last chapter at the parade. The parade was my favorite part because I thought the parade was funny and interesting. My least favorite part was the day of judgment chapter because, It seemed like it wouldn't matter if it was part of the book. I also didn't think it was that interesting. Out of a five star rating I would rate the novel a 3. If you enjoy reading about history and humor then I recommend it but, If you don't care for it then I would not recommend it.