Are you up to the challenge? Venture with Link and Princess Zelda in this hardcover full-color activity book based on Nintendo's classic franchise The Legend of Zelda(TM)!

Fans of The Legend of Zelda series will love this hardcover full-color activity book featuring Link, Princess Zelda, and their adventures in Hyrule. With tons of epic games and boss puzzles, The Legend of Zelda followers will love this super-interactive book!

From its North American debut in 1987, The Legend of Zelda series of games has earned a well-deserved reputation for capturing the hearts and imaginations of players. The art design and mood differs greatly across each title, but they unite to tell the story of the main protagonist, Link, as he battles against all obstacles to prevent evil from consuming the land.
Hardcover, 72 pages
Published on July 3, 2018 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1524772658
ISBN-13: 9781524772659
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  • ap3x129
    ap3x129over 1 year
    if i had a Nintendo Switch i would play BtoW all the time my friend has a Nintendo Switch and said if i go to his house i would play it with him.