From among the ruins of what used to be North America rose the Domination. To make sure that history doesn't repeat itself the Domination has taken it upon itself to control every aspect of life if its citizens. The programmed masses are part of a seemingly perfect society. No one questions anything except sixteen-year-old Katie who is out to get some answers, even if it means defying everything she was taught to believe. While on her quest for the truth she meets others who have similar doubts. Their fight may seem futile but they will continue to DEFY.
Kindle Edition, 83 pages
Published on February 18, 2015
2 Book Reviews
  • anomynousover 6 years
    This book looks so interesting! I read the description and I'm going to pre-order a copy right now on!
    • reader2001
      reader2001over 6 years55 stars
      This book looks and sounds really cool! I read the description and it was amazing! Can't wait for it to come out. I'm going to pre-order it on immediately!