Think you know everything about Hot Gimmick? Well, think again! Hot Gimmick S, an original novelization inspired by the super-popular shojo series Hot Gimmick, boasts an ending that is completely different than how the manga series concludes. Hatsumi Narita, a somewhat indecisive coed, must navigate the choppy waters of company housing life and try to keep her love life on track too. She starts dating her extremely bossy neighbor Ryoki, but how will her dreamy older brother Shinogu feel about this? It¿s the ending that manga fans are dying to read and are bound to be talking about for a long time to come! Plus, a bonus, heart-pounding manga episode that¿s all about Hatsumi and Shinogu!
Paperback, 150 pages
Published on February 20, 2007 by VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-10: 1421511428
ISBN-13: 9781421511429
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