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Stanley Yelnats is sentenced to dig holes at Camp Green Lake detention centre for stealing a pair of trainers. Stanley's quest to discover what he is digging for leads to danger and adventure and to a confrontation with his family's past.

Published on April 30, 2000 by Yearling Books
ISBN-10: 9990833087
ISBN-13: 9789990833089
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  • fazebroski34
    fazebroski3425 days55 stars
    This book is the bomb!!!!!Stanley is a funny character to read about!!!!He is a very smart and kind person!!He is a 5 star book character:he is funny,kind,loyal, and helping!!!!!This book will be popular in the next few years!!!!!Great book!!!! [Stanley Yelnats,why!!! The author is so creative with his characters!!!!]Yelnats is Stanley spelled backwards].
    • angelachang
      angelachang4 months55 stars
      I love this book! Stanley is so friendly that he even took his friend with him to leave.
      • sg123
        sg1235 months55 stars
        This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is about this boy's adventure through his journey at a concentration camp. He makes many new friends and faces countless challenges through his stay. Will he be able to survive the harsh conditions at the camp green lake or not?
        • ilovbooks
          ilovbooks5 months44 stars
          This is a pretty good book! It's all about a young boy named Stanley. He had to go to Camp Green Lake where there is no lake and no fun. Stanley has to dig holes to build character. But, is it true? Is the Warden making dig for character or for another thing? Stanley has only made a friendship, will this friendship help him throughout the book? Is the Warden making the boys dig for some valuable item? Who knows? Read the books to find out!
          • tay912
            tay9125 months
            Seen the movie, and want to read this book!
            • kittylover111
              kittylover1118 months55 stars
              Holes is kinda scary, but overall a super good book. I read it in my book club. Stanley is the main character, and it turns out Zero, his best friend, is the one who caused his crime to be sent to the horrible camp with the warden! I recommend this book a lot!
              • santaclaus539
                santaclaus5396 months55 stars
                No u spoiled the book A that's fine I'll still enjoy it
              • bookqueenpaige
                So far so good
                • santaclaus539
                  santaclaus5396 months55 stars
                  I agree Can't wait to finish the book
                • happy-emma
                  happy-emma9 months55 stars
                  This book tells us about a boy called Stanley Yelnats. He is accused of stealing but he is actually innocent. The judge gives him a choice - either go to Camp Green Lake or Jail. So Stanley goes to Camp, since he never went before. But Camp Green Lake is horrible, and Stanley hates it...
                  • gemluvssoccer37
                    gemluvssoccer3710 months55 stars
                    I've read the book AND watched the movie!
                    • babyyodafan1
                      babyyodafan110 months44 stars
                      It's a cool book.