Weird But True Halloween: 300 Spooky Facts to Scare You Silly

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Weird But True Halloween: 300 Spooky Facts to Scare You Silly

By Beer, Julie, Harris, Michelle


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National Geographic Children's Books
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August 7 - September 7, 2020
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Giveaway Winners
  • unisgirl
    unisgirlover 3 years
    I would like to win because I love Halloween and I love spooky facts.Even though sometimes they can be creepy and weird, that's what make them fun and true. Plus, I love to read!
    • ash_pyro
      ash_pyroover 3 years
      I am in 5th grade. I love to read interesting facts and share them with my friends and family. My my mom works with ICC (International China Concern). ICC works with disabled and vulnerable children. I would like to win this book so that I can record videos of me reading those facts in Chinese, and send them to them. I love to read, and spend most of my time reading in our treehouse. I love to be in nature, and I am fascinated by it. If I don't win this book, I hope that whoever does, will use it for a good purpose. Good luck, everyone!
      • pinkmonkey9
        pinkmonkey9over 3 years
        I want this book because for one Since we can't go out on Halloween cause of Covid19 I wanted to be able to read this book to my Family. Halloween is also my 2rd Favorite Holiday (sorry my first is Christmas). I also just really like to read and I love these type of magazines. I also thought it would be Cute if I got my dogs and read them the story. So I hope you will Give me one of the copies. Thanks for your time.
        • sweetcheese
          sweetcheeseover 3 years
          I would love to win this book. Congrats too all!
          • wavebreaker_000
            wavebreaker_000over 3 years
            I really want the book because I love halloween you can get candys and wear costumes,I also want the book also it will make me have fun even when there is the Covid-19.I could share fact with my brother.I also read all the books in my house because of the Covid-19 but I will be completely fine if someone gets the book.Thank you if I do get the book,though.
            • violet123serah
              violet123serahover 3 years
              I want to win this book because my mom never let me go trick or treating. I will read this book on Halloween day that will make me less sad.
              • imunicornlover1
                imunicornlover1over 3 years
                I love books! They tqke me to my own happy place! Also i love the weird but true series and would love to have this book too! And during covid-19 i have read all of my books and have nothing left to read! Those are my reasons of why i would love to have this book!🙄🙄📖📖
                • hermioneisgreat
                  hermioneisgreatover 3 years
                  I really think I should win for multiple reasons. Number 1: I love reading books during the summer and I already finished all my books so I have nothing to read. Reason 2: I love Halloween and me and my 2 dogs and my hamster are super super sad that Halloween is canceled do to corona virus. :( :( :(. Reason 3: I love watching the Weird but True series on Disney plus and so I really want to read the book. Me and my 3 pets wish everyone good luck and we hope that everyone stays safe.

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