Explorer Academy: The Double Helix (Book 3)

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Explorer Academy: The Double Helix (Book 3)

By Trudi Trueit


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National Geographic Children's Books
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September 24 - October 21, 2019
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Giveaway Winners
  • ajg16
    ajg16about 4 years
    I won the first two books from IDOGO and they are AMAZ !! I would love to see this with my collection! Thanks for the opportunity!! <3 <3
    • joeycollin13
      joeycollin13about 4 years
      i luv books :P thanks for having all these giveaways, dogo! good luck all :P
      • inmemoryofcpr
        inmemoryofcprabout 4 years
        I first saw this book in a magazine but I didn't really want to read it because it looked sort of boring. Then i won the 1st and 2nd book from DOGO (thank you!!!) And i realized how wrong i was. I would be so happy if i could have the 3rd book in my collection. And if you guyd haven't read the other books yet, go to the library right now and vorrow it! Good luck everyone and thanks for this awesome giveaway DOGObooks and sponsors!!!
        • spacepenguin
          spacepenguinabout 4 years
          This looks exciting. I would love to win. I really like explorer and adventure books.
          • addih05
            addih05about 4 years
            i would like to read this.
            • applemango
              applemangoabout 4 years
              I am sooooooo excited for this book!!!!!!! I have been so curious about the sequel to the Falcon’s Feather! Will Cruz discover his mother’s DNA? Will Nebula finally be ended? This is a definite thriller with many twists and turns. Some of my friends have had a problem with not finding the right book, if I get this book I promise to share it with them and that would be a huge help for them, a fire for reading will light their heart! Just by looking at the cover my heart is thumping and as I type in every world my hand is shaking at the thought, I could actually win this book! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If this was the last thing I would get I would, for sure, get this book. And curtesy to the people who are hosting this giveaway I will make sure to leave a review! Most of all, I really thank all of you and am wishing luck to everyone who wins this contest! We are in it to win it!!!
              • kgbradshaw
                kgbradshawabout 4 years
                I have read the first two books in this series, and I LOVED them! They are really creative books, with a different plot that most would expect.... I think that the author really thought outside the box in the making of this book. The first book insoired my brother and I to create our own survival "academy" for our neighbors.
                • ey2020
                  ey2020about 4 years
                  I haven't even read 1 book in the series but, all my friends are saying that this book is a must read. So I want to see if they're right. Also, only judging by the cover, I am into adveturous books and books with a lot of action and danger in ever corner.
                  • inmemoryofcpr
                    inmemoryofcprabout 4 years
                    The first time I saw this was in a magazine, then at the library, then at a bookstore, and on a website. All the times, I ignored the ads and the recommendations people gave me because I was stubborn and I thought, "how can a book be that good? I haven't read a book with good pace in such a long time" well, i was so wrong when DOGObooks gave me the first 2 books for free! (THANK YOU !!!!!!!!) I read the first book in one day, then the 2nd one the very next day. And finally, I realized how wrong I was, I had truly found a book with a good pace, and now, if I could own the 3rd book, I would be so happy!!!! Even if I didn't win, I would still be very excited for this book and buy it as soon as I could. Thank you for this oppurtunity and good luck everyone!!!!
                    • raindrop07
                      raindrop07about 4 years
                      I am so inspired by these National Geographic Explorer Academy books and I am so excited that there is a new one out! I would really love to win this book because it looks amazing and because I am always excited to read new stories :) Thanks IDogo for having this giveaway!
                      • kgbradshaw
                        kgbradshawabout 4 years
                        I LLOOOVVVEEEDDD the first 2 books in this series! I am excited to see how the 3rd book ends! Will Nebula be taken down? Will Cruz, Bryndis, Emmett and Lani find the 3rd piece if the formula?

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