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Grades K - 3Grade 4n/a3.7504
It was dinner time again and Daisy just knew what her mum was going to say, even before she said it. 'Eat your peas,' said Mum. Daisy looked down at the little green balls that were ganging up on her plate. 'I don't like peas,' said Daisy. And so the battle of wills begins. What does Mum have to promise to get Daisy to eat her peas? An extra pudding, a chocolate factory or a space rocket with double retro laser blammers? But whatever Mum offers, it doesn't change the fact that Daisy just can't stomach those gross green peas. So Daisy comes up with an idea which will turn the tables and make someone else suffer.
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published on September 1, 2000 by Bodley Head Children's Books
ISBN-10: 0370326520
ISBN-13: 9780370326528
1 Book Review
  • mhill146
    mhill146about 2 years
    I think the book is about a mom telling her child to eat your peas. She says I will buy you this I will buy you this I will buy you that and this and everything in the world and you will not have to take a bath and I will buy you pudding.