The action-packed finale of this explosive sci-fi series for fans of Ender’s Game and Star Wars.

Shy, introverted Phaet Theta has gone from being a top student to an interplanetary fugitive to the reluctant but fierce leader of a revolution. With the Earthbound on their side, she and her friends finally have a chance at toppling the evil leaders who’ve held the Moon captive for decades. But as the death tolls rise, the cost of the war weighs heavily on Phaet, even as she’s forced to lead her siblings and Wes, the love of her life, into terrible danger.

Phaet started this war because she lost someone she loved. Will she have to lose another to end it?
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on May 23, 2017 by Viking Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0451469038
ISBN-13: 9780451469038
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  • josric1718
    josric1718about 5 years55 starsFeatured
    A war filled with planets and spacecrafts that are beyond our reach for the stars. Having deaths and wars between the same race is like killing thousands among thousands of people everyday. Many suffer, many die, but space will not get any more crowded in this atmosphere. Based on Future presents this book it doesn't exactly have a time period. The book Dove Alight by Karen Bao, Phaet the protagonist, has to go through a war filled with death and many teams against each other. The committee the antagonists of the story, make it hard to be happy and move on from past mistakes and also stops Dovetail trying to make peace and rise up to the committee by collaborating with others. Phaet is a war girl and she tries to make the best decisions possible for her siblings and friends, and one of the conflicts she had was to speak up among thousands of people who could reject her idea. Phaet is also struggling with her siblings joining in this war like region. The content in this book would be appropriate for 6 up, the reasoning I say 6 up is because of the somewhat heavy topics and it’s really hard to pronounce or read some of the words in this book.