Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 (Marvel Omnibus: Deadpool Classic)

It's a heaping helping of the Merc with a Mouth, chock-full of the craziness that helped form a cult following! Deadpool crosses Loki, joins the Frightful Four, rubs shoulders with Black Panther, and goes into space - but who'll throttle him first: his new roommates, his crazy ex Copycat, or his new sidekick Pool Boy? Deadpool takes on the mob, battles the Punisher, rejoins Weapon X, faces his nemesis T-Ray...and dies - twice! And as if four pretenders ushering in a Reign of the Deadpools isn't enough, who the heck is Agent X and what's his title-stealing deal? Is he Deadpool or ain't he? Taskmaster and Outlaw join the fun...and so should you! Guest-starring Thor, Siryn and Fight-Man! COLLECTING: DEADPOOL (1997) 34-69, BLACK PANTHER (1998) 23, AGENT X 1-15, FIGHT-MAN 1; MATERIAL FROM X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) 28
Hardcover, 1299 pages
Published on January 19, 2016 by Marvel
ISBN-10: 0785196749
ISBN-13: 9780785196747
7 Book Reviews
  • haniftzgiz
    haniftzgiz5 months
    this great book is very adventurest
    • dreyvinover 2 years
      i love this book my favrit character was daedpool because he is funny
      • gothboy82
        gothboy82over 5 years
        Cool omg best
        • 3007918
          3007918over 5 years
          • jay4lifestyle
            jay4lifestyleover 5 years55 stars
            • smartpro26
              smartpro26over 5 years
              it was great
              • swordfight
                swordfightover 5 years
                This book is awesome!! the best book ever