Cardcaptor Sakura - 100% Authentic Manga Volume 1 (Cardcaptor Sakura Authentic Manga)

Once upon a magic night, an English sorcerer mixed Western wizardry with Eastern enchantments to create a magical deck of cards called the Clow Cards. These cards were hidden inside a dusty old book for decades, their powers virtually wasted. Then one fateful day, a young girl named Sakura Kinomoto discovered the book in her father's library. When she opened it, however, the Clow Cards were gone - and so was life as she knew it. Now Sakura is the Cardcaptor; her mission: to collect all of the missing cards before disaster befalls the Earth. Joined by Kero-chan, the diminutive Guardian Beast, and Tomoyo, her best friend and self-proclaimed wardrobe consultant, Sakura must track down the cards one-by-one and do whatever it takes to stop them. It's not going to be easy, but Sakura's clearly the 10-year-old for the job. This work is now in 100 per cent Authentic Manga right-to-left format!
Paperback, 200 pages
Published on July 6, 2004 by TokyoPop
ISBN-10: 1591828783
ISBN-13: 9781591828785
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