Quinny & Hopper

Quinny & Hopper

By Adriana Brad Schanen

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n/a Grade 4 n/a 4 30136
Quinny has a lot to say. Hopper gets to the point.

Quinny has one speed: very, very, extra-very fast. Hopper proceeds with caution.

Quinny has big ideas. Hopper has smart solutions.

Quinny and Hopper couldn't be more different. They are an unstoppable team.

But when summer ends, things suddenly aren't the same. Can Quinny and Hopper stick together in the face of stylish bullies, a killer chicken, and the brand-new Third Grade Rules-especially the one that says they aren't allowed to be friends anymore?

Praise for Quinny & Hopper:

"First-time children's author Schanen skillfully captures Quinny's zest and Hopper's timidity through their interactions and alternating narratives, and Swearingen's smudgy spot illustrations amplify the lively tone. The story's best moments showcase the spirited friendship between Quinny and Hopper, but there's much to appreciate throughout this exuberant debut."
--Publishers Weekly

"The book is engrossing, and the likable duo change and grow in believable ways. Quinny and Hopper, who take turns narrating, have distinct, well-differentiated voices, and Schanen makes good use of her individuated secondary characters as well. Swearingen's black-and-white drawings both capture the spirit of the characters and enhance the narrative. This endearing story about true friendship should appeal equally to boys and girls."
--Kirkus Reviews
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN-13: 9781484716663
ISBN-10: 1484716663
Published on 4/7/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 256

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Quinny is an active, loud girl. Hopper is a shy, timid boy. Quinny has two, younger annoying sisters. Hopper has two, older annoying brothers. They become friends who do fun things together. But third grade is coming, and tearing them apart. They are done with each other. But somehow they land on top. Quinny becomes popular because of her bookbag's awesome picture of her. Hopper becomes popular because he is the fastest kid in the class. And they end up friends in the end. On a personal note: I like how two opposites attracted in a realistic third-grade setting.

Quinny and Hopper are two very different people. Quinny: A whirlwind of fast ideas. Hopper: A slow path of solutions. Third grade rules say they can't be friends, there's a killer chicken, and problems with 3rd grade bullies! They'll figure it out!!!

This book is has a slow and poorly written plot line. The characters are slightly one dimensional and, quite frankly, boring. The story develops so slowly and with so little detail that this book is hardly worth reading. This is not a book I recommend reading at all.