National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure

National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure

By Barton Seaver

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Join Barton Seaver—master chef and National Geographic Explorer—on a year-round culinary adventure as he explores what it takes to create the ultimate dish. Barton provides mouthwatering recipes, the ins and outs of healthy eating, awesome crafts and activities, and food-focused challenges, proving once and for all that cooking can be a blast. Follow along as he teaches you to plant a kitchen garden, host a dinner party for your friends, and pack the perfect school lunch. Other highlights include ways to play with your food, festive holiday meals, snow day snacks, and family cooking competitions. With fascinating sidebars, profiles on real people, and cool facts, the National Geographic Kids Cookbook will have you ruling the kitchen in no time!

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426317170
ISBN-10: 1426317174
Published on 9/9/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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This is a great book for any kids who have just started cooking. It shows you easy step by step recipes and even fun little crafts or things to do inbetween. I would have to rate this book 2/5 stars just because there are really no challenging recipes in here for me. I have been cooking a long time. But there where a couple that sounded yummy like , zucchini bread (which I have made before VERY yummy) and some more. Thank you for reading my review! ❤-Pizzagirl7!

This kid-friendly cookbook is absolutely made for kids and people who love to cook. In this book, it is filled with ingredients to how to make a meal, what healthy snacks you should eat, and food that was made to match the months. There is a lot to learn and this really motivates people to eat healthier snacks and to choose a better decision to either eat healthily or junk food. After I read this book, I was completely astonished of so many facts. For instance, I never knew that some fruits could fill you up with a lot of energy! I would rate this book 4/5 because I don't really cook, but it did tell me what food to eat to be healthy.

I love baking so this is a good book for me!!

mia mia

i love baking to yum yum ho is the love in the food

My mom cooks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

micah micah

I like ti because I like to kook

I think this book is very important because many kids in these days can´t cook and this is not good, because only living from internet recipes is not that good. Please follow me @toxictiger

I rented this book from the liabrary wish i had it for longer

12 12

i think this would be fun to do hiii

cooking is fun

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