It's a Numbers Game! Soccer: The Math Behind the Perfect Goal, the Game-Winning Save, and So Much More!

Whether you call it soccer or football, "the beautiful game" wouldn't be the popular game it is without numbers. From the clock counting up the seconds to positioning your feet at the right angle for the perfect dribble, this book reveals the ways digits and math are part of the game. Read about soccer greats from all over the world racking up points, championships, and even Olympic medals. Learn how goalies use geometry to guard the net and check out cool graphics that show the probability that a goalie will be able to stop a penalty kick. Soccer fans everywhere will get a kick out of this number-focused look at the game, jam-packed with sports trivia, awesome photos, and fun activities at the end of every chapter.
Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on December 1, 2020 by National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10: 1426339232
ISBN-13: 9781426339233
7 Book Reviews
  • kalim
    kalimabout 1 year55 stars
    I like playing soccer ⚽️
    • superhero12300
      superhero12300about 1 year55 stars
      My favorite sport is soccer and I'm reading this book that's based on soccer it rely funniest.
      • Ayra almost 2 years
        I love the book because it is about football ⚽️
        • Ayra Afzal almost 2 years
          I love the book because it is about football
          • jahrome0131
            jahrome0131almost 2 years55 stars
            AWESOME BOOK!!! I need this because I am a soccer player who plays as a Goalkeeper.
            • Anonymous 265about 2 years
              i never new an espn one was coming thats cool because when they usually come they are boring
              • Alien number onabout 2 years
                I like it my family is a big soccer fan

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