The first book in bestselling author Kenneth Oppel’s explosive new trilogy

It was just rain.

But after the downpour, odd black plants begin to shoot up.


They. Are. Everywhere.

They take over fields and twine around houses. They bloom and throw off toxic pollen—and feed.

Strangely, three Salt Spring Island teens seem immune. Anaya, Petra and Seth. What’s their connection? What’s their secret? A week ago, they wouldn’t have thought they had one.

But they’d better figure it out fast—the invasion has already begun.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Published on February 4, 2020 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 1443450316
ISBN-13: 9781443450317
2 Book Reviews
  • gold3nglare
    gold3nglareFriday, May 14, 2021 at 10:43 am44 stars
    After a seemingly normal rainfall, strange black grass starts to grow every- OVERNIGHT! If you try to cut it, it grows right back. If you burn it, it ruins your lungs. There is no way to get rid of it. It seems like a pesky invasive species. People are blaming one another for this weird occurrence, and theories are forming. If that seemed bad before, it was nothing compared to watch happened next! These strange pants would lure humans and animals to them and swallow them up! Nowhere is safe and these things are growing out of control. Anaya, Petra, and Seth, are three teenagers living on Salt Spring Island, come to find out that they are unaffected by these acidic and dangerous plants while everyone else can't stop sneezing and break out in hives. These plants start to take over, and the three teens come to realize that they may be more than what they thought they were, and they are the key to stopping the invasion of this evil plant trying to takeover Earth.
    • johnthesquid818
      johnthesquid818Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6:29 am55 stars
      I just finished this book, and it was so good. It had good detail with these black vines and stuff taking over the world. I won't spoil more, but the rest is super good. I recommend this book for anybody in this age group.