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Grades 5 - 9Grades 2 - 8Y5.066357
Thirteen-year-old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl has constructed a supercomputer from stolen fairy technology. In the wrong hands it could be fatal for humans and fairies alike. But no need to worry, Artemis has a brilliant plan. He's not going to use the computer; he's just going to show it to a ruthless American businessman with Mafia connections. His bodyguard, Butler, will be with him. What could possibly go wrong...?
Paperback, 309 pages
Published on May 1, 2004 by Miramax Books, Hyperion Paperbacks for Children
13 Book Reviews
  • sky_dragon
    sky_dragon10 months55 stars
    This book was awesome! In this book, 13 years old Artemis fowl constructed a super computer with the stolen fairy technology and is going to sell it to an American businessman but he realised that this might be a danger for his fairy friends if this cube goes in the hands of Spiro but Spiro stole that cube. But it's still not too late as the cube is protected by an 'eternity code'. Artemis needs his fairy friends to get the cube back because Butler is critically injured. Will Artemis be able to save fairy world as well as Butler? Read to find out! I recommened this book to everyone who like fantasy books!
    • blossomreader
      blossomreaderover 1 year44 stars
      I really liked this book because this time, Artemis will have to do something on his own with only the help of a former enemy. Why? Well, Butler was injured in attempt to save young Artemis's life. Artemis was just trying to sell his C-cube, which was a gadget based on fairy tech. His product gets stolen! The business man that Arty was going to talk to stole his gadget, and now he has to save Butler and get his thing back. Why is the gadget so important? Well you'll have to find out! Arty must use fairy magic to save Butler, so he has to get back Holly Short.......
      • fosterkeefe14
        fosterkeefe14over 2 years55 stars
        Artemis Fowl, the 13-year-old criminal mastermind, has created a supercomputer which he calls the "C Cube". Artemis meets a guy at a restaurant who wants to buy the cube. The man steals the cube, and now Artemis will have to get it back. This book is a book that all fiction lovers will enjoy.
        • eternalterra
          eternalterraover 4 years55 stars
          I( loved this book because its so gripping. Its fascinating to see how a 12 yr old smarty-pants mind work. Strange how hes a crimanal and the technology is amazing. I would really like the technoogy for myself.
          • juniorsenior
            juniorsenioralmost 7 years55 stars
            one of my top 5 books! Artemis is Awesome! :) loved it ! eoin colfer's books are just amazing!
            • koderrose
              koderrosealmost 8 years55 stars
              I stayed up till 6:00 am reading this book for two nights. (I read this when I was a slow reader) But this book was GREAT my second fave of the series
              • derpychicken139
                derpychicken139almost 9 years55 stars
                This is an amazing book series. I'm sad that it's ended... With each book the story gets wilder and better. In this one , Butler almost dies and Artemis and Holly bring him back , but physically he's like 20 years older.
                • forsamamwzw
                  forsamamwzwalmost 9 years
                  read it it is the most amazing book ever u get hooked on to them i am serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last book is beast -just saying-
                  • hidude
                    hidudealmost 9 years55 stars
                    Favorite book in the world / series!
                    • katjune62
                      katjune62almost 9 years55 stars
                      Thirteen-year-old Artemis Fowl has constructed a super computer from stolen fairy technology far more advanced and expensive than anything we have now. This computer is called the C Cube, and it has been stolen by the American billionare, Jon Spiro. With the C Cube in his hands, Jon Spiro shall be invincible, and is bound to find the fairies. Once again, LEP captain Holly Short, LEP commander Julius Root, kleptomaniac dwarf Mulch Diggums, LEP technist Foaly, Artemis, Butler, and Juliet must join forces to prevent the human and fairy worlds from colliding, and to avoid a global horror.
                      • forsamamwzw
                        forsamamwzwalmost 9 years
                        tht is it all pretty much follow me xD