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Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 5T3.630340
3 hours, 9 minutes
2 cassettes
Performed by Laura Hamilton

Being eleven-going-on-twelve is hard enough, but when Margaret Simon's family moves to New Jersey she knows she needs to talk to someone. Is God listening?
Published on December 1, 1982 by Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books
ISBN-10: 0027109909
ISBN-13: 9780027109900
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  • kycoop
    kycoopabout 2 months44 stars
    Margret has to move to New Jersey for her dads job. She has to make friends, and she has no problem with that. Margret has a lot of stuff going on with her body right now she wants to grow right now but she has to understand that god will let her grow when ever he is ready too, but does she has the paitcents for that will she ever grow or will she stay like that for the rest of her life?
    • Me9 months
      I wiuld give this book a 4
      • bsc
        bsc10 months33 stars
        Margret's moves to New Jersey and quickly makes friends. The group of them form a secret club were they talk about all sorts of 'important' things. Inside of Margret's life she is torn. Religion is very important at this time, and she doesn't know which religion she should choose. Her mother is Christian and her father is Jewish- but they don't do any religion any more. Margret, with the help of some friends and family pushes through to find what religion she is, and she she really is. This book twists friendship, religion, and finding yourself into a beautiful book by Judy Blume. Keep in mind that this book can be read by any gender, but it's intended to girls. Happy reading!
        • mistymom
          mistymom10 months55 stars
          I loved this book it's perfect for 5th to 6th grader girls and is so much fun to read it tells about how it is to grow up and talks about how a girl thinks while going through it i felt like i could really relate to it and i think whoever reads this book will love it too
          • sylvie55555
            sylvie55555over 1 year44 stars
            Are you there god? It's me Margret is a book by Judy Blume about growing up. Margret has always lived in New York, and now she is moving to New Jersey for the first time. She makes a friend right away, and is even invited to a secret club. But Margret is still having an identity crisis. Her dad is Jewish and her mom Christian, but they both gave up thier religion when they got married, and Margret doesn't know "what" she is. Read this book to see how Margret discover who she really is. Happy Reading!
            • sirireads
              sirireadsover 1 year55 stars
              I truly LOVE this book. I recommend it to middle school OR high school girls. It is a funny, touching story of growing up and the extremes we will go to in order to grow up faster. It made me realize, that, well, I wasn't alone in wanting to grow up faster. Although it was set in the sixties, it totally holds up and relates to how girls feel now. On a last note, it is not really for boys, but each to their own...
              • emilyyadron
                emilyyadronalmost 2 years55 stars
                One day a girl named Margret was at here house. She decided to go and go see her friend. When she got to her friend's house she saw a moving truck. This book reminds me of when my friend moved away to another state. I gave this book a five stare rating because it talked about god.
                • Book loveralmost 2 years
                  Margret is a girl who was not born into religion goes to a secret "club" where she discusses tween isusse and I would recommend for 10+
                  • lady_ofthe_jury
                    lady_ofthe_juryabout 2 years55 stars
                    this book is really cool,but probably ask permistion from parent before reading, as this book is a HUGE controversy
                    • 13iamgroot
                      13iamgrootabout 2 years55 stars
                      This is a great book for girls ages 10-13. I loved it so much. Margaret just wants to fit in with her new friends, but she doesn't feel as grown up as them. She joins a secret club with three girls and they are called the PTS's (Pre-Teen Sensations). She can't wait to grow up, but it isn't happening as quickly as she would have hoped. A great read, I would recommend it for any tween girl.