Anyone but Me (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 1)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades K - 3Grades 2 - 4M3.58621
Katie Carew, nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully, had no idea what would happen when she wished that she could be anyone but herself. But now her wish has come true, and-switcheroo!-she keeps turning into other people and even animals! What is one ordinary third-grade girl with a really extraordinary problem to do? It's a good thing Katie is resourceful and smart enough to find a solution for every problem . . . no matter how much of a disaster she causes!

Katie can't stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can't stand it anymore, and she wishes she could be anyone but herself. What she doesn't see is the shooting star that flashes through the sky at that moment . . . catapulting Katie into a crazy series of adventures, starting the next day when she turns into the class hamster! Will she be trapped in a glass cage forever? Will she ever be a girl again?
Paperback, 80 pages
Published on May 1, 2002 by Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN-10: 0448426536
ISBN-13: 9780448426532
2 Book Reviews
  • bebecube21
    bebecube21about 8 years
    i have a collection of Katie kazoo books and they are just fascinating to read about how whenever Katie is alone a strong wind comes and changes her to a different person and she is always getting into some kind of mess
    • cami4
      cami4over 8 years33 stars
      my sister told me i should read the Katie kazoo series so i gave it a try. once i was done i begged my sister for another Katie kazoo.I love this this book Katie looses a football game and fell in the mud and ruined her new pear of jeans then let out the biggest burp in front of the whole class,that night Katie had wished she could be anyone but her self. there must have been a shooting star or something because the very next day a magic wind came and turned her into speedy the class hamster." one...two...switcheroo.i love the Katie kazoo series!