Help Smithsonian's National Zoo Name Its Adorable Giant Panda Cub


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The male giant panda cub, born on August 21, 2020, is Mei Xiang's third surviving offspring (Credit:

While giant panda cubs are always popular, 22-year-old Mei Xiang's latest offspring, born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo on August 21, 2020, is particularly so. The daily live-stream of the adorable male cub, whose birth brought much-needed cheer during the COVID-19 pandemic, has garnered over a million virtual visitors. Hence, it is only fitting that zoo officials are asking fans to help name the precious 12-week-old.

The 12-week-old giant panda cub's name will be revealed on November 23, 2020 (

Those wishing to participate can visit the National Zoo's website and choose from one of four names selected by the Zoo and Chinese partners. They include Fu Zai (Mandarin Chinese for "prosperous boy"), Xiao Qi ji (Mandarin Chinese for "little miracle"), Xing Fu (Mandarin Chinese for "happy and prosperous"), and Zai Zai (a traditional Mandarine Chinese nickname for a boy).

Fans can vote for their favorite name once per day from November 16, 2020, to Nov. 20, 2020. The most popular name will be announced and bestowed on the cub on November 23, 2020. Be sure to get your vote in today!



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  • zuccabella2014
    • 30jyang
      30jyang3 months
      Cute!! Oreo is a good name...
      • summerflower
        summerflower3 months
        I don't know if this has been said, but what about Oreo? Since it's black and white?
        • keiko
          keiko3 months
          after me its so cute i want to hug it so bad😍
          • keiko
            keiko4 months
            no a cute name would be Hawks after me of course duh
            • jakevaka-159578310549
              HI, thank panda looks so cute and warm. A cute name would be Bonnie, right?
              • songunicorn17
                Hi again Bei Bei I have a cam of all the animals in the zoo from a few years ago Bei Bei is my cam friend!!
                • songunicorn17
                  Aww! Panda fever!! 😍
                  • techfashion0315
                    My mom voted for Xiao Qi ji!
                    • kalixp213
                      kalixp2137 months
                      I love pandas
                      • techfashion0315
                        I love pandas too! It is my favorite animal! 🐼