13-Year-Old Designer's Clothing Line Hits Nordstrom


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Teen fashion designer isabella Rose Taylor (Credit: blogs.nordstrom.com)

Most 13-year-old girls spend their days trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends and fretting about junior high grades. Isabella Rose Taylor is no different. Except in her case, it involves setting fashion trends with her eponymous clothing line and worrying about college grades. For, believe it or not, this teenager is not just a successful fashion designer, but also, a brilliant student who is pursuing a degree in fine arts at a local college. If that is not impressive enough, her junior clothing line is about to debut at one of the nation's most prestigious retailers - Nordstrom.

The precocious teen's love for fashion began at the tender age of 8 when she attended a sewing camp. Within a year, Isabella went from sewing clothes for her friends to creating her own brand. Recognizing their daughter's inherent talent, her parents enlisted the help of Liza Deyrmenjian, the founder of Fashion Accelerator 360, a company that mentors up-and-coming designers about the business side of fashion.

Having founded her own successful fashion label 'Go,Girl,' at the age of 19, Liza proved to be a great source of inspiration for young Isabella. Under Liza's guidance, the Isabella Rose Taylor collection grew rapidly, and soon began drawing publicity from the local and national press. In 2012, the young girl who has released two collections each year for the past three years, added to her accolades, by winning the 'Rising Star Award' at the 2012 Austin Fashion Week.

Teen fashion designer isabella Rose Taylor (Credit: blogs.nordstrom.com)

Confident that Isabella was now ready for the big leagues, Liza reached out to the junior apparel buyers at Nordstrom. Not surprisingly, they loved Isabella's fun, stylish designs that the young designer describes as “hippie-grunge, yet feminine,” and agreed to give it a test during the crucial back-to-school shopping season.

Starting August 2014, 10-15 pieces from the young designer's collection will be showcased at select Nordstrom stores nationwide and also online, at Nordstrom.com. The exact pieces that will be sold have not been disclosed, However, if they are anything like her recent spring line that included everything from crochet pants and tops, to rompers and skater dresses, as well as, simple t-shirts adorned with reflective quotations like 'If art had legs, it would be fashion,' and popular sayings such as 'adorbs' and 'loves', they are bound to be pretty popular. The best part is that the collection will be priced between $20-$100 USD, making them affordable for any teenager that covets it.

Isabella who is also a poet, writer, and accomplished painter says that her success can be attributed to being able to relate to the kids she designs the clothes for. Perhaps part of Isabella's success can be credited to her being a certified genius by Mensa, an exclusive society comprised of people whose intelligence quotient's (IQ) are in the 98th percentile or higher. However, it's her passion, perseverance and hard work that has led to her outstanding success at such a young age. And the young girl is nowhere close to being done yet - So stay tuned!


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  • milu-peanuts
    milu-peanutsover 1 year
    WOW! 😺
    • booknerd200
      booknerd200over 1 year
      • rennymarco
        rennymarcoover 1 year
        Amazing! Those designs are wonderful! Of course, I couldn't do that because I am a regular person who only likes painting, drawing and pottery. Probably couldn't do that. I mean I might if I wanted to!
        • marypopcorn
          marypopcornabout 2 years
          Those designs are very interesting... I would wear the "Camp Wonder" one, and the one with the little hat. I don't think I would wear the others, though. They're so short! I like my shirts and dresses to be a bit longer. But still, they're interesting, and I bet lots of people will buy them.!
          • marypopcorn
            marypopcornabout 2 years
            Also, WOW! She's a certified genius!!!!!!! My cousin is a genius as well, like, no kidding. She is an actual genius.
          • marypopcorn
            marypopcornabout 2 years
            Great for her!!!!!! I hope I can be as successful as her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I write poetry and stories, and I paint, and I design fashion, and if I end up being half as successful as she is, I will be happy. Also, I am very smart, but I know that I am nowhere near as smart as her, but if I end up being half as smart as she is, I will be very happy. I wanna be like her some day!!!!!!!!
          • bella513
            bella513over 2 years
            She's very talented and really great at sewing, but these are not the kind of clothes that I think teenage girls would wear
          • unipug2
            unipug2over 2 years
            My style is a little more cute and girly and pastel than what she made, but still, amazing work!
            • pinkkitty9
              pinkkitty9over 2 years
              Those clothes are amazing. I've just found my perfect style and I am AMAZED. Some of the stuff I would wear, some I wouldn't. But of course, they are really cool. I wear lots of denim stuff, like jeans, skirts, jackets, and overalls, shortalls, and skirtalls. I really like black combat boots like Doc Martens and stuff. ANYWAYS.......I like it!
              • marypopcorn
                marypopcornabout 2 years
                I also love jeans! And jackets!
                • marypopcorn
                  marypopcornabout 2 years
                  Oh, I love Doc Martens!!!! I have a pair, but they're not black, they're hot pink, like sorta a fuschia color. But they're still super cool!!!!!!!!!
                • unipug2
                  unipug2over 2 years
                  One-day I will have my own line. Plus I am a really smart fourth grader, so I think I could pass fora designer worthy. But I CAN'T SEW!!!