Tokyo's Sweet Collections Fashion Show Is One Delicious Cakewalk


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Confectionery makers try to market their yummy creations in many ways - Some by putting up giant banners, others by setting up pop-up shops and giving away free samples and then, there are the creative Japanese chefs who market their goods by creating edible fashions that models can strut in!

Now in its fifth year, the annual Tokyo Sweets Collection Fashion Show that took place at the city's Shinagawa Prince Hotel on March 9th, showcased edible haute couture creations by nine of Japan's best known Patisserie chefs and they did not disappoint! There were strawberry and spun sugar hats, whipped cream belts and colorful meringue dresses. Even the shoes and purses were molded from delectable sugary ingredients.

While they looked tempting, the chefs did admit that in order to make the outfit or accessory a little more durable, the taste is sometimes slightly compromised - But given that these outfits are simply to meant to look good enough to eat, not actually be eaten, it really does not matter.

However that does not mean that the audience that paid an entrance fee of about $80 USD was left drooling either. Following the fashion show, the chefs not only revealed the secrets behind the crafting of these gorgeous outfits, but also, provided a taste of every confection they had been created from - With no compromise on the taste of course! YUM!


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