The Real-Life "Lost" Episode

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Much like the TV show "Lost", eleven Russian fishermen were shipwrecked (in the show it's an air crash) in a remote region in Russia. The fishermen spent three months here before finally being rescued on January 5th.

The ordeal for the eight men and three women began on October 10th, when they set out in two boats to catch fish on the Pacific Coast, about 4,000 miles east of Moscow. A storm wrecked their ships, and they were left stranded in a bay, 100 km from the regional capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

They found shelter in the boat's wreckage and an abandoned military base. The base also contained some flour and cooking oil. They survived on pancakes, some fish, and water. For warmth, they burnt the furniture.

However, as food supplies started to run low, with no sign of anyone trying to rescue them, five of the fishermen decided to seek help. After walking for four days, they stumbled upon some soldiers, who sent for helicopters to take home. Miraculously, all the fishermen and women are in excellent health.

What a great New Year's gift for their families who thought they had died!


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