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  • Yo momma is so fat…
  • Yo momma is so skinny…
  • Yo momma is so old…
  • Yo momma is so short…
  • Yo Momma is so tall…
  • Yo momma is so poor…
  • Yo momma is so stupid…
  • Yo momma is so ugly…
  • Yo momma is so hairy…
  • Yo momma is so bald…
  • Yo momma is so lazy…
  • Other yo momma jokes…

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Are you looking for funny and hilarious yo momma jokes?

Yo momma is so fat… she walked in front of the TV and I missed 3 shows!


Yo momma is so old… she knew Burger King while he was still a prince!


Yo momma is so short… she can use a sock for a sleeping bag!

Funny Yo Momma Jokes!

Yo momma is so tall… she tripped over a rock and hit her head on the moon!


Yo momma is so poor… she can't afford to pay attention!


Yo momma is so stupid… she sold her car for gas money.

Funny Yo Momma Jokes!

Yo momma is so ugly… that she scares blind people!


Yo momma is so hairy… you almost died of rug burn at birth!


Yo momma is so bald… you can see what’s on her mind.

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Published on June 1, 2014 by LOL Funny Jokes Club
4 Book Reviews
  • xufbgugffvyf
    xufbgugffvyfover 1 year11 star
    It's OK. But it's kinda rood.
    • djrockalmost 6 years
      best book ever LOL
      • djcool123
        djcool123almost 8 years
        I don't like this and I don't want kids to read this and go to their friends house and say all this stuff about their moms and they not be friends again .
        • wolfe2005almost 8 years
          its funny