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Seven Wonders Book 2: Lost in Babylon

By Peter Lerangis
1 ratings1 reviews
  • penguin313
    penguin3135 stars
    It was a good book. There are a couple surprises and new characters in this book, and I want to read the next one.

The Girl Games (Goddess Girls)

By Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
8 ratings4 reviews
  • ces9
    i love goddess books i want to read all there series and want to watch all there movies to. if you want to read some books to come to this web.

Cirque Du Freak #12: Sons of Destiny: Book 12 in the Saga of Darren Shan (Cirque Du Freak: Saga of Darren Shan)

By Darren Shan
1 ratings1 reviews
  • shawners21
    shawners215 stars
    very good book i really recomd this entire series it is so good read the entire series its so good read it

Kenny And The Dragon

By Tony DiTerlizzi
0 ratings1 reviews
  • kik
    i did not read it it looked boring and i love reading

My Father's Dragon: The Bestselling Children Story

By Ruth Stiles Gannett
1 ratings1 reviews
  • cfaber
    cfaber5 stars
    Want t read a delightful fantasy where adventure has a whole new meaning. Read, My Father's Dragon. Ruth Stiles continues Elmer's adventure with two more books, so the adventure keeps on going.

The Princess and the Pea

By Margo Lundell
0 ratings1 reviews
  • nesska
    this book was my favorite when i was little thank you for making it

Cinderella (As If You Didn't Already Know the Story)

By Barbara Ensor
3 ratings1 reviews
  • itchy54321
    itchy543213 stars
    the reason i rated 3 stars insted of 5 is because i already know the story. i know that sounds kinda weird but it is true. it was kinda the same thing as the real story

Seven Daughters & Seven Sons

By Barbara Cohen, Bahija Lovejoy
1 ratings1 reviews
  • mad4tennis
    mad4tennis3 stars
    In ancient Arabia, a young girl named Buran lives in a poor family with her mom, her dad, and her six sisters. Women aren’t supposed to work so the family’s income is not a lot, and when Buran’s dad gets sick and there is no money coming in she decides that she is going dress up as a man and work...

Dragon Kiss (Tales of the Frog Princess)

By E. D. Baker
2 ratings1 reviews

Aphrodite the Beauty (Goddess Girls)

By Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
5 ratings2 reviews
  • stephiny12
    stephiny125 stars
    I love this book it is a good book except if you are Muslim like me god i am sorry.I love this book.

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