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Bus Ride Bully (My First Graphic Novel)

By Cari Meister
0 ratings1 reviews
  • jswager
    i read this book in real life

The Sound of Your Voice, Only Really Far Away

By Frances O'Roark Dowell
1 ratings2 reviews
  • leafstar
    leafstar5 stars
    This is an awesome book! It is the third book in the series.

Rain Reign

By Ann M. Martin
4 ratings8 reviews
  • borntoswim
    "Rain Reign" is a sad but moving story. Ann M. Martin, the author is one of my favorite writers and all of her books are amazing. This one definitely didn't disappoint. Meet Rose Howard, a fifth-grader who is obsessed with homonyms, rules, and prime numbers. She lives in a small town with just he...

Secrets of the Book

By Erin Fry
17 ratings21 reviews
  • smileyguy246
    Sixth grader Spencer Lemon has a degenerative eye disease—and he’s rapidly losing his eyesight. So he has no idea why he was chosen to guard Pandora’s Book. When Ed, the old guy at the nursing home, hands over the book, he doesn’t get a chance to explain any of the rules to Spencer. Spencer only ...

Middle School: Get Me out of Here!

By James Patterson
112 ratings86 reviews
  • books247
    books2473 stars
    When Swifty’s Diner burns to the ground, Rafe Khatchadorian’s mother is left job less so their only option is to move to the city and live in their grandmother’s house. When Rafe Khatchadorian starts 7th grade in a new school in the city called Cathedral; he starts a new mission, completely diffe...

365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts

By R. J. Palacio
1 ratings1 reviews
  • cocobunnys
    cocobunnys5 stars
    This book is so much fun to read. It is with all of Mr. Browne's precepts!

The Change Your Name Store

By Leanne Shirtliffe
1 ratings1 reviews
  • cocobunnys
    cocobunnys5 stars
    I love this book. I love it because it is fun to read and it teaches a lesson!

Carlos Is Gonna Get It

By Kevin Emerson
1 ratings1 reviews
  • kinzkinz
    kinzkinz2 stars
    I thing this book is childish...

Junie B., First Grader (at last!) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))

By Barbara Park
5 ratings5 reviews
  • houjasmine95014
    I think this book is one of my favorite. Junie B. Jones needs to know that first grade was not that easy! Transferring from kindergarten to first grade was very challenging for my in my opinion.

A Whole New Ball Game (It Takes Two)

By Belle Payton
16 ratings25 reviews
  • selina
    selina5 stars
    This is an interesting story. It tells about two twins who had moved to Texas, and this place was really hot. They didn't like being hot. A few days later their father started coaching a football game. While the practice was going on the sisters were watching the game. Then a while later practice...

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