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Spy School

Spy School

By Stuart Gibbs
37 ratings47 reviews
  • dannyphantomfan
    Ben Ripley is your average nerd. On a daily basis, he goes to advanced classes, gets harassed by Dirk the Jerk, and sleeps through math class. He is THE chess team. He is normal, right? Wrong. Ben is recruited to a secret CIA training facility in the middle of January and failed his surprise exam...
The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

By Lemony Snicket
26 ratings22 reviews
  • jasmint
    jasmint44 stars
    I enjoy reading this book I like the strategy of the author and also like the weird things that happen in the timeline, although principal Vice is a bad guy I think in his deepest heart he's the cutest person that brothers Baudelaires can meet, even when they eat shrimps with their hands they sti...


By R. J. Palacio
792 ratings1771 reviews
  • felicisowl
    felicisowl55 stars
    Wonder was a book I first read 2 years ago, and over the years, I just couldn't stop re-reading it. The kids at my school call this book "childish", "horrible," and "weird just like the kid in the book." I think just the opposite. August is a normal kid on the inside, but not on the outside. ...
Shopkins 8x8 #3 (Shopkins)

Shopkins 8x8 #3 (Shopkins)

By Scholastic
0 ratings1 reviews
  • snowboard12
    My mom's boyfriends daughter loves shopkins!
Graceful (Willow Falls)

Graceful (Willow Falls)

By Wendy Mass
8 ratings8 reviews
  • minty101
    minty10155 stars
    A Mango Shaped Space is about a girl named Mia and she thinks she is crazy. For her, each number, letter, shape, name, and sound, has a color. She tries to address this "problem" to her parents and all she gets is sent to the principal's office. She remembers this memory in third grade very clear...
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

By Tom Angleberger
72 ratings90 reviews
  • katjune62
    katjune6244 stars
    I origionally bought this book for my brother's birthday,but I decided to read it anyways. I really liked it because it wasn't all about some crazy intergalactic Star Wars adventure or some difficult Origami guide, like I thought it would be. It takes place in an average, boooring middle school. ...
Story Thieves

Story Thieves

By James Riley
12 ratings20 reviews
  • coolnicki477
    coolnicki47744 stars
    Bethany takes Owen on the adventure of a lifetime to travel through books of the different variety. Bethany can travel through these books because her father is a fictional character in a book while her mother exists in reality. She can transfer between the two worlds for a bit more excitement in...
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle

By Charles Gilman
51 ratings116 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim55 stars
    This book was one of the best books I've read. It was really intriguing and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the best parts of the book was the cover. It had the type of material where you could scratch it like on some Valentine cards except I've never seen it on a book. If you turn it side to side it ...
VIP: I'm With the Band

VIP: I'm With the Band

By Jen Calonita
5 ratings10 reviews
  • llpanda
    llpanda44 stars
    Mackenzie really likes to draw and she's good at it. Mac also loves Perfect Storm (PS) a boy band especially the lead singer Zander. So when the Spring Fling comes up Mac gets a crazy idea to ask Zane to it. Then her mom gets a job to go on tour with PS and Mac can come too! But as Mac spends mor...
A Whole New Ballgame (Rip and Red)

A Whole New Ballgame (Rip and Red)

By Phil Bildner
3 ratings3 reviews
  • jeffdaboss
    jeffdaboss55 stars
    This book is really good! If you are a basketball fan(The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson) or a person who loves books about eccentric teachers(Mr. Terupt book series by Rob Buyea), you will love this book's playful combination of both. 5th graders Rip and Red already have their year planned...

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