Ruby Holler (Carnegie Medal (Awards))
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Ruby Holler (Carnegie Medal (Awards))

By Sharon Creech
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As they pulled onto a narrow dirt road, Sairy said, "You are now entering Ruby Holler, the one and only Ruby Holler! Your lives are never going to be the same -- "Dallas and Flo... (more)
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10 Book Reviews
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  • phoenixfeather
    phoenixfeather10/8/20134 stars
    A great book about two twins- Florida, the rather strong girl, and Dallas,a boy lost in his spectacular daydreams- and how they escape Boxton's Home for Children, run by the twisted Trepids, and reside in a magical place that goes by the name of Ruby Holler with an elderly couple, Sairy andTiller. Thos book is very good and I highly reccomend it~
    • wordnerd7
      Suuch a great book, cant wait to read all the other books by Sharon Creech
      • dabombblaster
        dabombblaster9/30/20134 stars
        really good so far
        • brannancreekside
          this is funny and cool. That was very mysterious when the guy gave him money to rob their house.
          • campbellcreekside
            campbellcreekside9/27/20135 stars
            This is a great book. The author did a great job of describing the land and nature. I think everyone should read it.
            • Polka Dot8/29/2012
              This book will touch your heart. It is sweet and the characters are funny. This is an amazing book
              • thechosen1
                thechosen16/23/20125 stars
                When I was young I tried reading this book. Now that I can, I really liked it and in still do! I love it so very much
                • rincognito
                  This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT book about twins and their life with their foster parents. My 4th grade sister just read it and she loved it.
                  • cloudpanda
                    cloudpanda10/30/20115 stars
                    This book is about two orphans who two seniors foster. I recommend this book to all. Ruby Holer will make you laugh. : )
                    • catgirl123
                      I read this book for battle of the books and at first I thought wow this is really boring but after I read it I wish there was a book just like it

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