Ruby Holler (Carnegie Medal (Awards))
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Ruby Holler (Carnegie Medal (Awards))

By Sharon Creech
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Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 4V4.344907
As they pulled onto a narrow dirt road, Sairy said, "You are now entering Ruby Holler, the one and only Ruby Holler! Your lives are never going to be the same -- "

Dallas and Florida have been dubbed the "trouble twins." They have been shuffled between foster families and orphanages all their lives, longing only for a loving place to call home, though mistrustful that one exists for the likes of them.

Tiller and Sairy are an eccentric, older couple whose children are grown and long gone, and they're each restless for one more big adventure while their bodies are still spry enough to paddle a river or climb a mountain.

Ruby Holler is the beautiful, mysterious place that changes all of their lives forever. When Tiller and Sairy invite Dallas and Florida to stay with them and keep them company on their adventures, the magic of the Holler takes over, and the two kids begin to think that maybe, just maybe the old folks aren't so bad....

Filled with humor, poignancy, cookies, and treasure maps, Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech's Ruby Holler is a delightful book about a special place where it's never too late to be loved.

Paperback, 310 pages
Published on December 23, 2003 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0060560150
ISBN-13: 9780060560157
12 Book Reviews
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  • vonicat
    vonicat5/4/20145 stars
    I keep reading it again and again, I really love this book!
    • madroberts
      Mrs. Roberts4/26/2014
      Students enjoy the adventures of Dallas and Florida, two orphan twins. Their well-meaning behavior tests their foster parents, Tiller and Sairy; but they realize acceptance and security at Ruby Holler, while learning the identity of one of the mysterious characters.
      • phoenixfeather
        phoenixfeather10/8/20134 stars
        A great book about two twins- Florida, the rather strong girl, and Dallas,a boy lost in his spectacular daydreams- and how they escape Boxton's Home for Children, run by the twisted Trepids, and reside in a magical place that goes by the name of Ruby Holler with an elderly couple, Sairy andTiller. Thos book is very good and I highly reccomend it~
        • wordnerd7
          Suuch a great book, cant wait to read all the other books by Sharon Creech
          • dabombblaster
            dabombblaster9/30/20134 stars
            really good so far
            • brannancreekside
              this is funny and cool. That was very mysterious when the guy gave him money to rob their house.
              • campbellcreekside
                campbellcreekside9/27/20135 stars
                This is a great book. The author did a great job of describing the land and nature. I think everyone should read it.
                • Polka Dot8/29/2012
                  This book will touch your heart. It is sweet and the characters are funny. This is an amazing book
                  • thechosen1
                    thechosen16/23/20125 stars
                    When I was young I tried reading this book. Now that I can, I really liked it and in still do! I love it so very much
                    • rincognito
                      This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT book about twins and their life with their foster parents. My 4th grade sister just read it and she loved it.

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