Prize List

Archon (The Psi Chronicles)Copies: 10

Archon (The Psi Chronicles)

By Lana Krumwiede
1 ratings0 reviews
As the powerless and the powerful clash, allies and enemies are not always who they seem to be in this dynamic sequel to the dystopian novel Freakling.Having used his unique con...
Where on Earth?Copies: 45

Where on Earth?

By DK Publishing
6 ratings5 reviews
  • wpoodle100
    wpoodle1005 stars
    This book was very interesting because it has lots of facts about different places and shows you where lots of stuff is like the Seven Wonders of the World. I really like this book.
Ivy + Bean, Book 1Copies: 48

Ivy + Bean, Book 1

By Annie Barrows
109 ratings133 reviews
  • ifeelbookish
    What drew me to this book was the cover (I know, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover). I can explain, the cover had two girls on the it, who looked like best friends (I'm a sucker for best friend-related books). I also recognized Sophie Blackall's wonderful, awesome illustrations. Anyway, ba...
Summer of the WolvesCopies: 48

Summer of the Wolves

By Polly Carlson-Voiles
2 ratings1 reviews
  • ocelot
    This book sounds interesting.
Rise Of The Wolf (Wereworld)Copies: 48

Rise Of The Wolf (Wereworld)

By Curtis Jobling
2 ratings1 reviews
  • blackmouse32
    you have got to read this exiting book! drew ferran(a werewolf) is the rightful king if lyssia,a made believe place and the last of the gray wolves. he battles against the lions and fights to take the throne.
Wild BoyCopies: 8

Wild Boy

By Rob Lloyd Jones
1 ratings0 reviews
Murder mystery meets carnival flair in a rollicking Victorian adventure centered on a boy with a unique appearance — and unique gifts.In the seedy underworld of Victorian London...
The Zombie ChasersCopies: 16

The Zombie Chasers

By John Kloepfer
2 ratings0 reviews
Zombie Attack!When brain-gobbling zombies invade, a sleep­over at Zack Clarke's house quickly turns into a Level-3 creep-over. The undead have infested the streets, filling the ...
The Classroom (The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic Kid)Copies: 25

The Classroom (The Epic Documentary of a Not-Yet-Epic Kid)

By Robin Mellom
12 ratings9 reviews
  • super
    super3 stars
    This was a pretty good book. It's about a boy who is is seventh grade, but is caught off guard with the changes of Seventh Grade. At the beginning of school, his only friend tells him he needs to get new friends, and that's how it all starts.
The Creature From the seventh Grade: Boy or Beast (CREATURE FROM THE 7th GRADE)Copies: 49

The Creature From the seventh Grade: Boy or Beast (CREATURE FROM THE 7th GRADE)

By Bob Balaban
0 ratings1 reviews
  • mahnoor
    This book is really interesting.
Otherworld Chronicles: The Invisible TowerCopies: 13

Otherworld Chronicles: The Invisible Tower

By Nils Johnson-Shelton
0 ratings0 reviews
Part of the spell has already been broken. The first stones have begun to crumble. In Artie Kingfisher’s world, wizards named Merlin, fire-breathing dragons, and swords cal...
UngiftedCopies: 10


By Gordon Korman
18 ratings31 reviews
  • imdabomb
    imdabomb5 stars
    I loved this book!! So the main character: Donovan is a troublemaker with a captial T. During the biggest game of the season, Donovan's school is vs. their enemies in basketball and determined to win...but when Donvon yells a cheer for the other team on the PCA he's put in detention. But when he'...
Power Rangers Super Samurai #1: Memory ShortCopies: 50

Power Rangers Super Samurai #1: Memory Short

By Stefan Petrucha
9 ratings9 reviews
  • divyaolivia
    I am not really so fond of Power Rangers but since the book was at home I gave it a shot. I didn't really think it was amazing and all but I still did like. This book is mainly for boys and people who like action!
Mo Wren, Lost and FoundCopies: 16

Mo Wren, Lost and Found

By Tricia Springstubb
1 ratings0 reviews
This is the story of what happened after Fox Street.Mo Wren knew that eventually she, her dad, and her sister, Wild Child Dottie, would have to move from beloved Fox Street. She...
ChalkCopies: 50


By Bill Thomson
0 ratings0 reviews
A rainy day. Three kids in a park. A dinosaur spring rider. A bag of chalk. The kids begin to draw. . . and then . . . magic! The children draw the sun, butterflies, and a dinos...
The Land of Stories: The Wishing SpellCopies: 46

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

By Chris Colfer
59 ratings72 reviews
  • laa9876
    laa98765 stars
    This book is really good. So, theres a set of twins named conner and alex who are both in seventh grade, and earlier, there dad died in a car accident a few days before their birthday, and so they're sad and their mom has to work double shifts to keep the family together. They loved their dad and...
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own MakingCopies: 48

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

By Catherynne M. Valente
11 ratings15 reviews
  • ocelot
    ocelot3 stars
    Very confusing, I didn't think it was the best, but I'll tell you the plot, and let's see if it sounds interesing to you. This girl goes in a fairytale land with her own ship. She goes many different places. If you've heard of them it's sort of a mix between the wizard of Oz and something els...
ChompCopies: 47


By Carl Hiaasen
41 ratings41 reviews
  • hannajuku
    hannajuku5 stars
    "Chomp" by Carl Hiaasen is a very entertaining story about a boy named Wahoo Cray. He and his father are animal wranglers, and they tame wild animals, such as alligators, in their backyard. A popular reality TV show called 'Expedition Survival!' invites Wahoo and his father to help on set because...
Freckle JuiceCopies: 50

Freckle Juice

By Judy Blume
50 ratings50 reviews
  • edmodo-rmfw48pl5h
    Hi, i am going to tell you about a funny book called Freckle Juice,and it's by a women called Judy Blu-me. It's about Andrew Marcuse his classmate Nick had freckles and he wanted freckles and Sharon said i know how to get freckles and she said I will tell you for for 50 cents he said OK and the n...
OutcastsCopies: 50


By John Flanagan
21 ratings25 reviews
  • tpwatermelon
    I got this book from Dogo News! At first I wasn't sure I wanted to read it because it seemed long. Once I started reading it, I had a hard time stopping. This is the first of three in this series. It is about a young boy who is more book smart than athletic smart. He goes on a journey and le...
Stick DogCopies: 17

Stick Dog

By Tom Watson
2 ratings2 reviews
  • alex
    stick dog is like diray of a wimpy kid all 5 dog try to get hamburgers and thay think people are mean and wont share but they are wrong. I love the book it is fun to read and I don' like to read.
The ApothecaryCopies: 47

The Apothecary

By Maile Meloy
11 ratings20 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish5 stars
    When Janie moves to England from California, her life changes. She meets a boy named Benjamin Burrows, who doesn’t go under the tables during bomb drills, and who’s father is an apothecary. When the apothecary is kidnapped and they get their hands on an ancient book with potions and spells, they’...
Shark WarsCopies: 50

Shark Wars

By EJ Altbacker
5 ratings7 reviews
  • eagle1
    eagle15 stars
    The Shark Wars series is AMAZING! In this action packed series Gray 1 of the last Megalodons is on a quest to destroy Drinook. Gray can't do this alone his best friend Barkly will join Gray on this daring quest. Takiza [Tack-eez-uh] a siamese fighting fish has taught Gray everything he knows. ...
Deadweather and Sunrise: The Chronicles of Egg, Book 1Copies: 50

Deadweather and Sunrise: The Chronicles of Egg, Book 1

By Geoff Rodkey
2 ratings3 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish5 stars
    Egbert is 13 years old, and lives on Deadweather Island, where the weather is always bad on his family's ugly fruit plantation. When his father puts together a crew on short notice, they are off to Sunrise, where the weather is perfect. Then they meet a man named Roger Pembroke, who invites the...
Loki's Wolves (The Blackwell Pages)Copies: 47

Loki's Wolves (The Blackwell Pages)

By K. L. Armstrong, M. A. Marr
3 ratings2 reviews
  • i hate it
    why did you have to make it so long and come on giants and trolls put some dragens or at least a giant snake. To me this book sucks and come on tell me why do you even put this stuiped cover on it. I think it looks way better with out to me how ever soled this book is never becoming big!!!!!ever

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