Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (Book 8)
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (Book 8)

By Jeff Kinney
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This is the winner of the Nickelodeon 2014 Kids Choice Awards for 'Favourite Book'. The Wimpy Kid... (more)
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582 Book Reviews
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  • Critic Review4/24/2014
    This book was the worst book in history (no exaggerations)! These are not books, they are drawings with captions! They don't teach you anything besides stupid stuff. If you are going to give this to a child, I suggest not to because they are wasting their time reading it; if you are going to give them a book to read, give them one that teaches them something (e.g. Percy Jackson Series because they are funny and they include Greek mythology). I don't know why people waste their money to buy these drawings on paper, you can do this at home! Just draw something and write a caption! You just wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Also this series is always so vague and always stays the same, for example: Greg always thinks about himself, he always thinks Rowley is a wimp (although Diary of a WIMPY Kid is based around Greg ALL THE TIME), and he always goes after the silly girls. Overall DO NOT read this book, it is a waste of your time and it is a waste of your money.
    • 00someone00
      00someone004/23/20145 stars
      It is very funny.
      • no name4/23/2014
        very very good
        • function
          It's great
          • cupyup814/22/2014
            I love book 7 of diary of a wimpy kid because Greg went to the dance with Abigail Brown and by the end of the book Rowley steals Abigail Brown from Greg.
            • darkhorse
              darkhorse4/22/20145 stars
              Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Winpy Kid books are amazing, and his most recent one is fantastic. Greg is a stubborn and very self absorbed person, and his life is quite interesting. In this book, Greg's friend Rowley gets a girl - Abigail Brown. Greg learns to trust Lucky-8-Balls, and Greg strikes it rich! Definitely the most interesting diary ever
              • chesney4/21/2014
                all I can say is amazing
                • goodgirl1233
                  Love it!
                  • squirmy
                    squirmy4/21/20145 stars
                    i like this book becuz it is a lot of comody and it is a really funny book and he ( the author) has a great sense of humor and a good mind.:) :) :)
                    • ri guy4/21/2014
                      I loved it it was funny it had a great base and awesome ideas

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