White Dolphin Book
ISBN-10: 0192756214
ISBN-13: 9780192756213
3 Book Reviews
  • Mariover 5 years
    This book is very encouraging to stay strong and keep going on
    • penguin123
      penguin123almost 7 years44 stars
      The white dolphin tells the story of Kara, a girl whose mom disappeared. She lives with her aunt,uncle,dad and cousin sister. As her family seems to be collapsing as they struggle to make ends meet, Kara turns to the ocean, her sanctuary. When she finds a white dolphin, she fights to save the reef from being dredged away. But can she do it alone?
      • catsrfun
        catsrfunabout 7 years55 stars
        This book is really moving and at first and throughout the book it is quite depressing but it will move your heart especially when there are a few jolts of action. Once you start the book you can't stop. It's about this girl, Kara, and her mother is lost and her father is poor, she is living with her cousin and her aunt is about to have a baby. Money is really on the line for her family and there are these brothers who bully her to her wits. The brothers' dad is trying to rip up the reef and she has to save it, for her mom. Her mom left to save dolphins but never returned. The end is just perfect, it's an amazing story