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Grades 4 - 8Grades 1 - 3n/a2.827448
The first installment of Sarah Mylowski's New York Times bestselling series!

Mirror, mirror, on the basement wall . . .

Once upon a time my brother and I were normal kids. The next minute? The mirror in our basement slurped us up and magically transported us inside Snow White's fairy tale.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.

But hey -- we're heroes! We stopped Snow White from eating the poisoned apple. Hooray! Or not. If Snow White doesn't die, she won't get to meet her prince. And then she won't get her happy ending. Oops.

Now it's up to us to:
- Avoid getting poisoned
- Sneak into a castle
- Fix Snow White's story

And then, fingers crossed, find our way home.
Paperback, 176 pages
Published on April 1, 2013 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545485711
ISBN-13: 9780545485715
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  • techfashion0315
    techfashion03154 days55 stars
    5 STARS! This book was awesome!
    • faria
      faria30 days55 stars
      The book is great!! I love 💝 this book so much ❤️. This book is so amazing. So amazing book is this. :-) Wow wow wow this book is so cool 👍🏻 I want this book 📚
      • lilah0704
        lilah0704about 1 month55 stars
        This book is about a girl names Abby and her brother Jonah when the moved into their new house in Smithville and find a mysterious mirror in their basement. The next thing they knew they were in the fairytale snow white. The have already messed up the story enough will they make it back home in time or will they be stuck in the fairytale forever. The theme of this book is courage and teamwork. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and fairytale with a hint of missives.
        • CutieMutie7 months
          yes! me too. If anyone reads this comment, please say ME TOO!
          • peachpies9
            peachpies99 months55 stars
            Someone, that is a great description on whatever after! say "ME" if you agree.
            • SOMEONE9 months
              I like this book, it's amazing! It's about these 2 kids, Abby and Jonah, who moved to Smithville and have a magic mirror in their house. Little that they know that there is a fairy named Maryrose cursed to live inside the mirror that is sending them into different fairy tales to free her. How they get in a fairy tale? Well, at midnight, they have to knock on the mirror 3 times. At the first knock, the mirror hisses, on the second knock, the mirror turns purple, and on the third knock it slurps them up and puts them in a fairy tale. They never know what fairy tale they are in, but they soon figure it out. I love all the books and read them 3 times, and my favorite one is #10, when they get whisked into the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel! I recommend these books to anyone who likes adventure, action, and Fairy tales!!
              • unicorn-rainbow
                unicorn-rainbowabout 1 year55 stars
                i had this book so i wanted to read it #chapter nine page53
                • mawaddah
                  mawaddahover 1 year55 stars
                  I love whatever after books i read some of them a lot of times but im still getting to read all of them
                • bookfan2008
                  bookfan2008over 1 year55 stars
                  This book is great! It's about a girl named Abby. She just moved to her new house and town. And in this book she goes into a fairy tale. Your proably wondering how! Well in her new house there is this magic mirror in the beasement! There's a magic fairy named Maryrose living in it! And every time Abby, her brother Jonah and sometimes her friends know on the mirror 3 times Maryrose whisks them all into a fairy tale! Cool right? And in this book they get into the fairy tale snow white! You will read all about her adventure in this book! If you like fairy tales , you should read this!
                  • bsc
                    bscover 1 year55 stars
                    Do you have a cool mirror in your house? Does it turn purple and take you to different fairy tales? Most chances, no. But Abby does. Except she doesn't know. This is a surprise to Abby, when suddenly she is in Snow White's story! Now she has to fix Snow's story, avoid getting poisoned, and be back at her house before her mom and dad wake up.