Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Warriors Field Guide)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 7n/a6.812222

Hear the stories of the great warriors as they've never been told before! Cats of the Clans is chock-full of visual treats and captivating details, including full-color illustrations and in-depth biographies of important cats—from fierce Clan leaders to wise medicine cats to the most mischievous kits, as well as loners, rogues, and kittypets.

This collectible guide is a great introduction to the Warriors series for new fans and is indispensable for those already hooked!

Hardcover, 112 pages
Published on June 24, 2008 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0061458562
ISBN-13: 9780061458569
17 Book Reviews
  • phantasticgus
    phantasticgusabout 1 year44 stars
    I liked this field guide, but I feel like Erin Hunter should have added more cat profiles. I understand that this was published during the start of Power of Three, and not Omen of the Stars or A Vision of Shadows, but a lot of cats were still missing. What about Dustpelt and Ferncloud? They’re both fairly important characters, so I feel like they should have had a page in here. And they called Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw. I’m glad The Ultimate Guide was published later on, because it has a lot of cat profiles that Cats of the Clans missed.
    • woof0566
      woof0566about 1 year55 stars
      i love all the warrior cat books. I've read all of them to the third series and it is interesting. Excluding Maze Runner, Warriors would be my favorite book series.
      • Jayfeatherover 1 year
        I LOVE warriors. I have read all the books in all the series up to series 6 the broken code, the last series written it is going to get it's fourth book this November, and 4 super editions and 4 guides. So basically all the books except for dawn of the clans a few super editions and guides and mangas (This is my favorite guide! )
        • boonyang
          boonyangover 1 year
          GOSH I love this book that why I have all of them follow me if you agree
          • waterdragonalmost 3 years
            this book is amazing because they show pictures of the cats they didnt do that in the chapter books
            • xitopybubofewy
              xitopybubofewyover 3 years55 stars
              I love warrior cats more than any other book series !
              • FIRE STARover 4 years
                • Bearover 4 years
                  • datmoongamer
                    datmoongamerover 5 years55 stars
                    so good i vote 5 stars i read it i luv warrior cats it is life it is my second favorite thing in the whole world (my favorite is minecraft of course)
                    • fjenkins
                      fjenkinsover 6 years
                      this book looks so god i want it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!