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Grades 3 - 7Grades 3 - 6T5.3n/a
The sequel to James Patterson's bestselling series launch Treasure Hunters is another hilarious, hair-raising and highly-illustrated adventure for the First Family of Action!

Bick Kidd and his globe-trotting siblings Beck, Storm and Tommy may have completed their first treasure hunt after their father was lost at sea, but their kidnapped mother is still in the hands of nasty pirates. Their search for a rescue plan takes them down the Nile river in Africa, where they'll have to navigate everything from Egyptian pyramids in the desert to wet-and-wild jungles--not to mention life-threatening encounters with wilderness diseases, angry hippos and some seriously bad guys--in order to find the treasure and save the day.
Published on April 9, 2015 by Arrow (Young)
ISBN-10: 0099567652
ISBN-13: 9780099567653
18 Book Reviews
  • jolie0402
    jolie0402over 1 year55 stars
    This book is very great! It's all about the Kidds saving their mom and treasure hunting. They also went on a trip to an island to trick Guy Dubonnet Merck. At last, they went scuba diving and found two antiques: One for saving their mom from kidnappers and the other for displaying in a museum.
    • siennald
      siennaldabout 3 years55 stars
      This book is about the Kidds trying to escape from Chumly Prep, which they were enrolled in by their evil Uncle Timothy. While there, they receive a secret message from their mother, who is being held captive in Cyprus. She tells them to go to Egypt to meet their Aunt Bela, but the journey takes them closer to their quest to King Solomons Mines!!! Thanks for reading. DOGOnews, I hope you feature my book review. :-)
      • 55678
        55678over 3 years44 stars
        This book has always made you feel like you are in the book with the people that are trying to find the treasure.
        • dabosssss
          dabosssssover 3 years55 stars
          even more wackier than the other one and the other one is superbly super wacky so if ya wacky, get it
          • CuteBunniesover 4 years
            This was a very interesting book. It has lots of words but also lots of illustrations to balance. It is set in the point of view of Bick, who is the twin brother of Beck. I like how the author showed personality in each of the protagonists. Most of the humor in the book comes from the illustrations, which comic book lovers will like. The end was brilliant because it showed true irony and was interesting. I highly recommend this book.
            • bozo911over 4 years
              this book is one of my favorite treasure hunters books.
              • sherman000
                sherman000about 5 years55 stars
                I found this book a fun and hard challenge and a funny book with so many cool words.
                • lochy_schdt
                  lochy_schdtover 5 years
                  Its a great read;)
                  • 12/TJBover 5 years
                    loved it
                    • jb_penguin12
                      jb_penguin12almost 6 years55 stars
                      This book was great and I can't wait to read the next book. Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy are treasure hunters searching for their lost parents. in order to do this they need to trade a rare artifact that sells for 20+ million dollars. there are happy, sad, exiting, scary and much more parts in this story. I have read most of the other James Patterson books or kids and I can't wait for more to come.