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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8Y5.356025

Will the attack of the Spirit Bear destroy Cole's life or save his soul?

Cole Matthews has been fighting, stealing, and raising hell for years. So his punishment for beating Peter Driscal senseless is harsh. Given a choice between prison and Native American Circle Justice, Cole chooses Circle Justice: He'll spend one year in complete isolation on a remote Alaskan island. In the first days of his banishment, Cole is mauled by a mysterious white bear and nearly dies. Now there's no one left to save Cole, but Cole himself.

Published on January 1, 2006 by Listening Library
ISBN-10: 0307257657
ISBN-13: 9780307257659
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  • dogsandance
    dogsandance6 months55 stars
    We read this book in my class and it started out not great, but as you got farther in it got amazing. Personally, I don't like reading but this book got me to like reading even more. There is a sequel to this book also which is also an amazing book. I would totally recommend!
    • gemstone818
      gemstone8189 months11 star
      Touching Spirit Bear is very graphic for its age group and should not ever be read as a class read-aloud. This book starts out with a troubled young man named Cole that cannot control his anger and blames his faults on others. His father abuses him, and his mother sits back because she fears her own husband. One day, Cole makes the decision to commit a crime and brag about it at school. Personally. I think this was a poor way for the author to describe Cole's character. He constantly seems completely different, and he is the most unlikeable book character I have ever encountered in my years. He slams a boy's head into the concrete, which is very violent and provokes violence to middle school children. Some sensitive people could even suffer trauma and nightmares from this book. Next, Cole gets sent to an island and the book gets overly graphic and extremely violent. Cole approaches a bear and proceeds to be torn open by the bear. Gorey and bloody details are mentioned, such as Cole feeling ribs cracking and biting his tongue, feeling his flesh ripped open, and screaming for the bear to stop. This is absolutely not a book I would ever want my future child even touching. Then, after all of this, Cole tries to spit at baby birds. He suddenly realizes that energy is life and starts eating worms from the ground. This is absolutely nauseating, but it gets worse. He urinates on himself, and bugs as thick as hair coat his arms. He eats a furry caterpillar, and many other bugs from the ground. Unneeded detailed descriptions constantly appear, even gorey sentences dedicated to Cole bringing a squirming, helpless mouse to his mouth and swallowing it, feeling its skull crush. I was expecting a lot more from this book when he asked the baby sparrows if they were okay after they fell from a tree, but the entire message of this book is blocked by vile descriptions that make me sick to my stomach. I am unsure why the author felt the need to write these disgusting sentences. Cole also throws up and eats chunks of fish from his vomit. Some reviews I have read even list that Tlingit culture was inncorrectly represented in this book. As someone going to a private school, I do not think we should have read this because of the "Circle of Life" motto that Cole has, but that is alright for people who do believe in that. I also do not think our grade should have been exposed to such a vulgar book. If anyone wants to read a book like this, you can always read horror books. It is absolutely not for the grade levels advertised. I have not yet completed the book, but nothing can change the fact that it makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it.
      • good readsalmost 2 years
        book is horrible. ela teacher made us read it and it was 2 weeks of torture books content is bad has no meaning inspirational and just bad dont read it unless you want a couple days of boring content and words
        • diamondabout 2 years
          The book is ok but I wouldn't recommend to kids under the age of 10 since some parts have swearing, and gore. Other than that it fulls the reader in and leaves you wanting to read more.
          • ilikebunnies
            ilikebunniesover 2 years
            this is a goodbook and it shows you that even the most untrustworthy person can change and be totally different. I was very suprised that Garvey and Edwin decided to send cole back to the place that had hurt him
            • codmaster23
              codmaster23over 2 years55 stars
              THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST! I was reading this it is really i can't weight to read the next book
              • Cora Windenbergover 2 years
                This book is awful. My ela teacher made us read it. It is very gory at times and has scarred me. I don't suggest reading it
                • lilliannaalmost 5 years
                  i have nor heard of it
                  • darkswan
                    darkswanalmost 5 years
                    I am not very far in this book but so far is is really good
                    • goddes
                      goddesabout 6 years
                      I love this bk havnt finished on capter 13