Total Package Girl: Discover the Ultimate You For Life!

“This is a great time to be a girl growing up in the world. In Total Package Girl, author Kristi Hoffman captures the moment with wonderful tips and ideas for girls everywhere. Have fun with it.”―Christine Brennan, USA Today sports columnist, television commentator and best-selling author. Meet the Total Package Girl: She’s got it all going on―she stays confident, fun, and real. She brilliantly navigates the 24/7 cyber popularity world. She’s unstoppable when it comes to pursuing her dreams. And best of all, she truly knows and loves herself! How does the amazing Total Package Girl do it? Truth is, she knows something other girls don’t―the secret weapons for being strong, real, and successful. Life’s not always going to be easy. When things get bumpy and the path gets tricky, Total Package Girl is here to provide the intelligence, skills, and tools girls need to navigate the tech-driven 21st-century world. This go-to book uses hashtags, “me” quizzes, and power quotes to help girls tackle such issues as confidence struggles, cyber bullying, body image, and peer pressure. In Total Package Girl, author Kristi K. Hoffman reveals a master plan for every girl to be her ultimate self in body, brain, and spirit―to live the “Total Package Lifestyle.” This book is for every girl who is going through life’s challenges and discovering how truly amazing she is.―#UnstoppableTotalPackageGirl.
Hardcover, 282 pages
Published on October 7, 2015 by AuthorHouse
ISBN-10: 1504927303
ISBN-13: 9781504927307
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