The Witches

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5R4.735987
A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who is an expert on witches, together foil a witches' plot to destroy the world's children by turning them into mice.
Paperback, 208 pages
Published on August 16, 2007 by Puffin
ISBN-10: 014241011X
ISBN-13: 9780142410110
114 Book Reviews
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  • newyork2017
    newyork2017Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 4:22 pm
    I read this book because i like to read creepy and scary stuff. I liked this book because it was sort of a mystery and a are you going to die or not sort of book and i really like books like these kind. I loved the book, The Withces
    • brownielova
      brownielovaFriday, November 25, 2016 at 12:05 pm
      this book is amazing i read this book 5 times and i loved each time i read it! i looooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • smartzahra
        smartzahraSaturday, November 19, 2016 at 10:34 pm
        i really want this book i have read all roald dahl books but not this one i love roald dahls books so much THATS WHY!
        • riri06
          riri06Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 3:05 pm55 stars
          I LOVE ROALD DAHL! So far, from the books I've read they're about magical adventures! I definitely recommend this book because they take you into another world where you're in the book! Hope you enjoy or watch the movie!
          • oreoshershey
            oreoshersheyTuesday, October 4, 2016 at 3:07 pm55 stars
            I love this book I own and I read whenever I have nothing to do its one of those books that you can go back to and read again I love books about witches they are really interesting I recommend this book
            • teddybear7
              teddybear7Monday, September 26, 2016 at 7:15 pm44 stars
              A descriptive book, with deep characters and a meaningful plot. I loved every bit of it. The deep twisted mind of each witch in catching. A boy who's grandma tells him only about witches and to stay away from them. Then he encounters a witch when building a tree house. What will happen when the little boy comes face to face with grand high which? Read and find out!
              • celina108
                celina108Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 1:42 pm55 stars
                There is lots of details and pictures and it's a really good book 😝🤗
                • bookworm100
                  bookworm100Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 2:59 pm55 stars
                  This book is for realm thrill seeckers don't read this to your younger siblings unless your parents read it and where okay with you reading it to them!!!!!!! I'm telling you this book is scary it's about real witches who turn kids into mice there is a kid who grandmother tells him stories about real witches and one day he comes face to face with the grand high witch! Will he be turned into a mouse read to find out !!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. FOLLOW ME
                  • SUPWednesday, August 17, 2016 at 12:35 pm
                    i really enjoyed reading about the boy dilemma and thought it had a lot of oomph good job Roald dahl
                    • Cool kidThursday, June 16, 2016 at 11:06 pm
                      I liked how in the witches it was scary but funny at the same time,but I didn't like how it started a story but didn't finish like grandmamma's thumb . I think it's a loopy story for all ages to read. 5 out of 5

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