Evelyn strives for excellence. Allie couldn’t care less. These polar opposites must work together if they have any hope of saving their school’s robotics program.

Eighth-graders Evelyn and Allie are in trouble. Evelyn’s constant need for perfection has blown some fuses among her robotics teammates, and she’s worried nobody’s taking the upcoming competition seriously. Allie is new to school, and she’s had a history of short-circuiting on teachers and other kids.

So when Allie is assigned to the robotics team as a last resort, all Evelyn can see is just another wrench in the works! But as Allie confronts a past stricken with grief and learns to open up, the gears click into place as she discovers that Evelyn’s teammates have a lot to offer—if only Evelyn allowed them to participate in a role that plays to their strengths.

Can Evelyn learn to let go and listen to what Allie has to say? Or will their spot in the competition go up in smoke along with their school’s robotics program and Allie’s only chance at redemption?

Hardcover, 288 pages
Published on September 6, 2022 by Peachtree
ISBN-10: 1682634841
ISBN-13: 9781682634844
5 Book Reviews
  • selina
    selinaabout 2 months55 stars
    I think the complete 180 in personalities of Allie and Evelyn is very interesting. One person who couldn't care about anything and one who is essentially a perfectionist is an exciting dynamic. You would assume that this would cause problems for the two of them, especially when they have to deal with building robots, but it doesn't. They overcame their stark personality differences, worked together to make the robot, and competed with it. Although they lost this tournament, they had another shot at their goals of going to nationals and then to worlds. And I think that's an inspiring message that the book tells.
    • belle252
      belle2523 months55 starsFeatured
      Robotics used to be a fun subject for Evelyn where she got to work with her team but that was until disaster struck - Naiely, Evelyn’s best friend, moved away. All eyes turned too Evelyn to lead the team, and her ability to hold the team together was challenged more than ever. Robotics was simply not fun anymore and less people participated. As for Evelyn her dreams of winning the robotics championship, proceeding to State and then Worlds are crushed. But as a new, short-tempered girl comes into town, the story takes a drastic turn. Kicked out of all the other electives, robotics is the new girl, Allie's, last hope to stay in this school. If she gets kicked out of robotics too, then she will be sent to Sunrise High School, a place for juveniles. As Evelyn needs to work on her leadership and teamwork skills to accomplish her goals, Allie needs to learn how to open up to stay in this school. Only together will they be able to help the team survive and help themselves - the question is will they both learn to work with each other in time? Or will their last hope be thrown away...
      • zarkinpants
        zarkinpants3 months55 starsFeatured
        Evelyn loves robotics. She takes a robotics class that has a robotics team and is even the team lead! But since her best friend Naiely moved away, the team has been falling apart. The other kids have been doing other things when they should be working, and Evelyn doesn't know how to keep them together. The robotics teacher, Mrs.Weir, has said that if she doesn't let the others help out more, she will take away her role as the team lead! Allie is another eighth grader who has trouble controlling her anger. She's already been kicked out of three classes, and if she gets kicked out of robotics, Allie will be sent to Sunrise Junior High, where all the troublemakers go. Allie doesn't think she'll like robotics, but eventually, she does. But will she lose her temper again? Then, the two classmates learn that Principal Gilbert might cancel the robotics class if the team doesn't do well at the upcoming tournament. Everything depends on the robotics team winning the tournament. But will they learn to work together in time? I liked this book because it was exciting and was told from two different points of view. I didn't like how the author used the phrase "made a face" so often.
        • kruzingwithk9s
          kruzingwithk9s4 months22 stars
          Ever had to work with someone that didn’t quite work with you? In this book, we meet Evelyn, a girl in eighth grade, who has just been disqualified from a robotics contest she so badly wanted to win, while still struggling over her best friend moving away. And Allie, an artist who is now in the principal’s office for the fifth time due to an anger outburst. If Allie gets kicked out of another class, she will be sent to Sunrise Junior High, a school for flunk-outs. Allie gets placed in Robotics for a last chance elective, while Evelyn is learning that she has to let her other team members work on stuff, she can’t do it alone. Only problem is, Evelyn’s teammates keep slacking off, and Allie keeps going to hide and draw. When news comes out that their Robotics class may be shut down due to lack of students, it becomes clear that these two are going to learn how to work together if they ever want to do well at this competition! Overall, not my favorite book, but not bad either. I recommend this book for ages 12 and up.
          • pudgyjeon
            pudgyjeon4 months44 starsFeatured
            Okay so first of all, this book is exceptionally adequate, wonderfully pleasing-BUT there are a few things I'd like to mention, like the summary. The summary for this book doesn't capture the excitement in this book, so I strongly suggest that you read it! It's kind of sad, but a little before the middle of the book, Evelyn and Allie strike a deal that becomes a game changer. I loved the ending because it was at first heartbreaking, but then got replaced with a happy one! Another reason why I like this book because the characters showed a lot of character development (especially Allie!) I'd recommend this book for people who like robotics!