The Tower Treasure/The House on the Cliff/The Secret of the Old Mill/The Missing Chums/Hunting for Hidden Gold/The Shore Road Mystery (Hardy Boys 1-6)

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Published on May 31, 2012 by Grosset&Dunlap
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  • 8)over 3 years
    • michellealmost 4 years
      like the book
      • michellealmost 4 years
        do you have mysteries book
        • wizardginnyl
          wizardginnylabout 5 years22 stars
          is okay
          • Sasalmost 8 years
            I love it
            • kathypark
              kathyparkalmost 11 years55 stars
              Read this book, 'HUNTING FOR HIDDEN GOLD'! Do you like suspense, danger, and mysteries? This has all three of them! The Hardy boys meet very many dangerous times and suspense. But nothing hinders the boys! They bravely go through the mysterious fog and finally, they solve it! I love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~this book!