Sam, Sally and Suzy continue to use nothing but their elaborate imaginations and ordinary objects to go on all kinds of creative adventures. First, it was with a silly old string. Next, it was a shiny, round hubcap. In The Topsy-Turvy Towel, their object is a big, colorful beach towel. The three friends spend the day on the beach building a beautiful sandcastle. After seeing it get washed away by a wave, the three friends turn their attention to an ordinary beach towel. In their minds, it becomes a hot air balloon, a flying magic carpet, a superhero’s cape—and that’s just the beginning. The animated copy builds with each page, capturing children’s attention and bringing the story to life. Clever rhyming and repetitive phrasing begs to be read over and over again. The strikingly original illustrations use bold colors and dynamic images to keep children coming back for more. A variety of perspectives adds further visual interest to each page, delivering illustrations from a bird’s eye view, a worm’s eye view and more. Looking closely, the reader will also notice a unique blending of drawings and actual photographs. The illustrations are hand-drawn in pencil and then colorized and enhanced by computer. The book includes a bonus activity guide with fun, educational activities that complement the story. With all of the gizmos and gadgets available for purchase these days, it’s easy to forget that the best entertainment is free. Using something as simple as the imagination allows us to create universes of fancy where everyday objects turn into magnificent things.
Kindle Edition, 100 pages
Published on February 25, 2015 by Bubblegum Books
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