The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Complete Series: The Field Guide; The Seeing Stone; Lucinda's Secret; The Ironwood Tree; The Wrath of Mulgrath

From Book 1: After finding a mysterious, handmade field guide in the attic of the ramshackle old mansion they’ve just moved into, Jared; his twin brother, Simon; and their older sister, Mallory, discover that there’s a magical and maybe dangerous world existing parallel to our own—the world of faerie.

The Grace children want to share their story, but the faeries will do everything possible to stop them...
Kindle Edition
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  • abigail2587
    abigail2587over 5 years
    what i think about the book & movie is that it is very exciting the movie is the same but it is a little bit scary because i thought the little boy killed the dad but it was a goblin. That is what i like about it