The Report Card by Andrew Clements

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5R4.931355
Nora is a brilliant 5th grader who doesn't want anyone to know how intelligent she is because she doesn't want to be thought of as different. When she brings home a bad report card to prove a point, the story really takes off!
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published on January 1, 2006 by Listening Library
ISBN-10: 0307284824
ISBN-13: 9780307284822
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  • zarkinpants
    zarkinpants7 months55 starsFeatured
    Nora has a big secret. The secret is that she's a genius! Nora learned to read in kindergarten, and could easily solve jigsaw puzzles when she was a baby! But Nora doesn't like people to make a big deal about her intelligence. So she tries not to show that she's a genius. When she takes the Connecticut Mastery Test, she purposely gets a few questions wrong so it'll seem like she's an average student. Another thing Nora dislikes is how her classmates make a big deal out of their test scores. Especially her friend Steven. So on 5 of the tests, she deliberately gets D's. When Nora's parents find out, they get angry and call the school. Then, Nora has to take an IQ test, and she accidentally reveals how smart she is. What will happen then? I like this book because it's exciting and also funny. I recommend this book to people who enjoy realistic fiction books.
    • blossomreader
      blossomreaderover 2 years55 stars
      Any book by Andrew Clements for kids is awesome, including this one. Nora is a genius, but she doesn't want anyone to know. People would make a big deal about it and she just didn't want it. Now she has made it to 5th grade without anyone knowing her secret. But then she makes the mistake of getting terrible grades on her report card, and then things start to unravel. Will Nora manage to keep her secret, or has she just let the cat out of the bag?
      • belle252
        belle252over 2 years55 stars
        Nora has one very important secret in life that she keeps from everyone- She is a very smart genius. She shows herself as an average student with B's,C'S, and D's. But when people in her school start getting discouraged- she brings home a report card filled with D's to prove a point. Everyone launches a massive effort to see what is wrong- and Nora's plan flops- her genius side is exposed. But she and Stephen make another plan and together they teach us a very important lesson- grades do not matter; bad grades don't mean anything except a chance to improve. Clements teaches a valuable less to readers that they will remember forever in this sensational story.
        • inmemoryofcpr
          inmemoryofcprover 3 years55 stars
          Nora Rose has always been different. As a genius, she struggles to keep her grades low so nobody will know. But when the secret is soon found out, Nora must encounter some problems. I would recommend this for ages 9+ This book was so awesome apple sauce!!!! I would recommend this if you like fish in a tree or counting by 7s. This is a must read.
          • lol183
            lol183about 5 years
            Are you looking for a funny book? This book will give you a few laughs! The story of Nora, always getting good grades, doesn't want to be seen as someone who is different from the others. When she brings home a different mark than always, the story gets interesting! I recommend this book for grades 2+.
            • unicorn12345
              unicorn12345about 5 years
              Are you looking for a funny book. then you should read the report card. this is a book about a girl named Nora and her report card. Nora gets D's on her report card, but she is actually is a really smart kid. But she dose not wont anyone to know that. do you think her teachers and parents will find out
              • crazycatemilia
                crazycatemiliaabout 5 years
                Are you looking for a good,funny book well then ''The Report Card'' is the book for you! It's about a girl named Nora who has a best friend named Stephen.Nora gets some very bad marks on her report card but why? Did she do it on purpose? Or is she just not very smart? if you want to I'd read the book. I recomend this book for ages 8+ because if younger kids read it then they might do the same thing that Nora does in the book if you want to know what she does then you should proboly read this book.
                • panda_17
                  panda_17about 5 years
                  Are you looking for a book that is entertaining and has a few good laghs, if you are then you should read the book "The Report Card." This book is about a 5th grader named Nora Rose Rowley. Nora is a very smart girl. But she has keepen her speacal talet a secret for her whole life... not even her parents know that the have such a smart girl. But when she gets her report card she gets all D's and 1 C. If you want to know whay she got those bad grades then you will just have to read the book. I would recomend this book for ages 8-10.
                  • Sophia 0:about 6 years
                    The book I am reviewing is The Report Card by Andrew Clements. I would definitely recommend this book because it is exciting and very interesting. This book is about an eleven year old named Nora who pretended she was average but was really a genius. I would recommend this book to 4th-5th graders. There isn't much action but I really like this book.
                    • swirlycool
                      swirlycoolover 6 years55 stars
                      This book was interesting to me because WHO wants bad grades?! She had some good cause for the Ds and the one C. But, this book was SUPER GOOD. I couldn't put it down. Trust me. Though, if I were Nora, I would've just done my best, and told the principal about everything. You get good grades to move on to the next grade, which means you can see your friends in your grade if they did good, too. You get good grades to make your parents or whoever you live with happy.