The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire, Book 11)

Book 11 of 13 in the Wings of Fire Series
For centuries there have been rumors of another continent on the dragons' planet -- another land far across the ocean, populated by tribes of dragons very different from those we know. But there's never been any evidence, and most dragons dismissed the rumors as fairy tales.

Until now.

Because it turns out the stories are true.

And the other tribes are coming.

Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on June 26, 2018 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 1338214438
ISBN-13: 9781338214437
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  • atroit_avimimus
    atroit_avimimus18 days44 starsFeatured
    So wow, I'm really loving all the new things introduced in their next arc of the Wings of Fire series. This one takes place at the same time as the tenth book, and I definitely don't recommend trying to jump into the series here. You should definitely go back and read from the beginning. I also highly suggest you read the prequel, Darkstalker before you read this one. Now with that out of the way, I loved the new types of dragons brought into our journey through the world of Wings of Fire. They're all so cool and unique. I thought how we got the history of this Lost Continent was really well done, and you can see how over time the dynamics between the different types of dragons shifted and evolved along with the environment of the continent itself. I liked the characters a lot. Blue was sooo frustrating, but that's just how he is. I thought he went through a lot of growth in this physically and mentally which was awesome to see. Luna was a great sister character pushing Blue but not too hard. Cricket was a fun, eccentric character that asks all the questions I had while reading! I really liked all of the other characters as well, and Sundew actually made me laugh out loud as I was listening to the audiobook. There is some instalove in this which was kind of annoying, but I appreciated that the novel was self aware about it and kind of pokes fun of it using other characters. I'm pretty excited to see how the new dragonets will handle their situations going forward, because this new arc promises some awesome rebellion and personal growth. It was wonderful coming back to the series through fresh eyes. I certainly had fun exploring the world, as well as the new dragons, set up by the author. It was the best course of action to focus on three species of dragons in this new world as opposed to the six that were in the previous books, especially if we are going to bring the two continents together as hinted at in the end of the last book as well as the end of this book This series follows the wonderful pacing of the previous books, starting at a calm but curious beginning and immediately throwing you into the action. I certainly was never bored while reading the book. The characters were each unique in personality and I can tell that the author is trying to branch out their appearances to match their personalities I would say the only down side would be the protagonist. That doesn't seem like a good thing but I would say this critique is that the protagonist has a loose personality. We have the main things established for Blue: He follows rules, he doesn't want to fight and cause a scene, etc. but other than that we don't see until later how his personality falls in line with his belief (the author tries to make "following the rules" a personality but it isn't). I enjoyed seeing his character slowly coming into picture but I only wish that it was clear from the beginning so we could follow his growth better. This could also apply to the other characters but not as much. I would certainly recommend this book (I already have) because it is so much fun.
    • googleyes304
      googleyes3046 months
      I've been reading this series for years and i want to finish them
      • Wings O Fire 7 months
        Umm I really liked dis book, I thought making a 3rd Part would be nice, I just bought it one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while!!!
        • lexi7 months
          I got this book it is amazing!
          • xxnighthowlerxx
            xxnighthowlerxx8 months55 stars
            I think it will be a great book and I ang wait for book 14
            • warriorcatskid
              warriorcatskid8 months55 stars
              LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • warriorcatskid
                warriorcatskid8 months55 stars
                LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join Blue,Cricket,Sundew, and Swordtail on a quest to save all dragons on Pantala! What will blue do after his sister Lune is captured? What will happen it him???
                • the658
                  the6587 months
                  Spoiler alert!! Luna washed up on pyrrhia and tsunami and turtle came to pantala
                • kotlcfitzphie12
                  kotlcfitzphie1210 months55 stars
                  I love this book! It is my favorite from the series!
                  • wingsofirehd
                    wingsofirehd11 months55 stars
                    I love wings of fire so much all I want is to have the complete colection:I've read the first eight books at least ten times each.
                    • WarriorCatsFan11 months
                      My favorite character is probably Io, even if she's a little forgotten by the next book. Tui makes some nice books XP