A unique and special gift pack which contains a hardback picture book plus an audio cassette, featuring a full production of the story with specially composed music. When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent to stay in the countryside, they can hardly imagine the extraordinary adventure that awaits them. It all begins when Lucy opens the wrdrobe and finds herself standing in a snowy wood. She has discovered Narnia, a amagical land of fauns and centaurs, nymphs and talking animals. But Narnia is under the enchantment of the evil White Witch and has become a land of eternal winter...C S Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has enchanted readers for 50 years. Now the critically aclaimed picture book illustarted by Christian Birmingham has been brought to life on tape.

Paperback, 224 pages
Published on October 25, 2005 by HarperFestival
ISBN-10: 0060765488
ISBN-13: 9780060765484
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  • braebrae
    braebraeTuesday, October 31, 2017 at 8:38 am55 stars
    i was in a play of this i was a wolf guard
    • penz
      penzWednesday, October 25, 2017 at 3:53 pm55 stars
      I love this book it's amazing. I really want to pet Aslan and ride him. although I hope I would not fall of
      • barty101
        barty101Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 7:24 pm55 stars
        Hi everyone, Im in LOOOOOVE with the Narnia books because they show such great adventure and they are an amazig set. I bought "The chronicles of Narnia" which has all of them in a BIG,BIG,BIG book so i absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE it
        • xyderahahi
          xyderahahiWednesday, September 20, 2017 at 3:31 pm55 stars
          I'm read it please follow me
          • aracha
            arachaSunday, June 11, 2017 at 2:02 pm
            This is a great book. I like how the movie and the book are a little different. The book seemed like a little hard when I looked at the cover. It's all about Lucy, Edmund ,Peter and Susan.They went in a wardrobe. The witch and Aslan have a war. When the war was over, Aslan left. Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan became king and queen. They go back in the wardrobe. I LOVE THIS BOOK!
            • 340916600
              340916600Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:31 am55 stars
              LOVE DIS BOOK
              • Abigail SThursday, December 15, 2016 at 2:08 pm
                In the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis Lucy, Edmund, Peter, Susan, And Aslan all want to kill the snow queen but the snow queen gets peter and so the got him back. And then they all defeated the snow queen and they all became the kings and queens of Narnia
                • asmita
                  asmitaThursday, November 10, 2016 at 5:48 pm
                  I read this book and it's really good
                  • football3
                    football3Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 11:39 am44 stars
                    This book is full of adventure! From fighting witches to hiding from witches. It is one of the best books I've ever read.
                    • memoiloveit
                      memoiloveitFriday, June 3, 2016 at 1:20 pm55 stars
                      I like the type of fantasy-related events that happen that the author comes up with

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