Harry Wakatipu is a lazy, bad-tempered pack-horse and the biggest liar in the history of the Vast Untrodden Ureweras. He's hopeless and needy and greedy and never does his share of the work.

The Lies of Harry Wakatipu is a collection of fantastic stories - like how the first wasps got into New Zealand, or how the Kaingaroa wild horses got there in the first place or how Freddy Stromboli could walk under a Merino wether without taking off his hat. It's true, just ask Harry Wakatipu.

This is Lasenby at his playful, inventive best. Harry Wakatipu is a legent in his own sleeping bag.

Paperback, 152 pages
Published on December 12, 1993 by Longacre Press
ISBN-10: 1877135410
ISBN-13: 9781877135415
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  • sandyhix
    Miss Hixover 8 years44 stars
    A really funny read that will amuse kids of all ages.